A very good Sunday!

Yeah, Nicks!!! Way to show us how it’s done and finally get our offense into full gear! What a great day to be a Giants fan who lives in New England and hates the Patriots!


I mean there are few things that can make me happier than seeing that on the Globe homepage.

Especially after the Patriots took over Fox so they weren’t showing the Giants game here. I mean, come on! I don’t care if you are playing an NFC team…get back on CBS where you belong! But fear not…I could still watch the Giants streaming online…even if it was literally about a 3 minute delay. And then I had the Patriots game on mute on my TV so I could watch us win and the Pats lose simultaneously. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Yay for Eli and his fourth quarter comebacks! It has been way too long. And overall, everyone was looking really solid. Cruz got his groove back. Bennett was showing that he was a suitable replacement for Manningham. And what about Mr. Hakeem Nicks? What a performance! He got the crap beat out of him, but man did he deliver!

Wow, I missed football.

Unfortunately the Red Sox lost, but can I stop pretending to care about them still? I got to see them win one last game against the Yankees, now I’m done with this season.

And to continue with the bad news…


I need the Bruins back in my life! (But….)


Ummmm…BU!! Please? For real. Some public relations classes….we could be best friends.

But anywho, at least I still have college hockey to look forward to! And my mom gets to see her first BU/BC game this year! Go Terriers!

And there’s always football.

And that’s one less thing I have to worry about missing when I go abroad in the spring.

But still. I miss my Bruins already.

Wow, I’m kind of all over the place today. I’ll chalk it up to me being sick for like a week and a half now and just being downright delirious! A week and a half! Do you know what that does to a person? Well for one, you run out of cough drops, throat lozenges, DayQuil and Ibuprofen. You have no motivation whatsoever to do any homework. You get a lot of dirty looks at work when you keep coughing even though you are NO WHERE NEAR the people’s food! You have to find ways to sleep in the seated position otherwise your head might actually explode. And you sleep until 12:30 in the afternoon (the latest you’ve slept in like for-ever!).

So yeah. That has been my week. Fun times. And if I wake up tomorrow STILL sick, I am performing a full-fledged exorcism on the germs in my body. It’ll be a box office hit!

Ta-ta for now! Have a fantastic week everybody!

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