Something that needs to be addressed.

Boston University’s Men’s Hockey Team

Okay, I’ve tried really hard to just shut my mouth about all of this, but quite frankly, I’m about to explode. It needs to be addressed. I am a huge fan of said hockey team, as you will definitely find out in the upcoming months. I go to almost every single home game, as well as as many away games as I can. I am a proud member of the Dog Pound (BU’s fan section, and the best fan section in all of college hockey…no joke) and the BU Pep Band.

I was devastated last year to hear of the horrifying acts that were (allegedly) committed by two members of the men’s hockey team. My heart goes out to those girls, and punishment definitely needed to be brought down upon those two young men.

That aside, let’s discuss the current state of the hockey team.

The task force found that there was a sense of entitlement on the team. Really?? Never would’ve guessed that. I bet huge college football stars across the country don’t feel like they’re entitled at all. I am NOT implying that it is okay for them to go around sexually assaulting women, but that’s not the case. That was two cases. Isolated from one another. Isolated from the rest of the team.

Do I think the hockey players are full of themselves? Yeah, probably. Do I think they all think they have God-status from being on a wildly successful college hockey program? I’m sure a lot of them do! I’m sure their are a number of cocky jerks on the team. But I do not think that the entire team is full of sexual assaulters looking to add to their list of “kills”.

The report issued by the Boston Globe (that doesn’t even deserve to be linked to, but here you go) spoke of a wild party that occurred. Now, I don’t doubt that such a party happened. In fact, I’m sure it did. But the “salacious details” reported in the Globe piece are wildly exaggerated. I’m sorry, but I am choosing to believe the people who were actually at this party instead of the “witness” quoted in the Globe who probably just heard from somebody who heard from somebody about a massive kegger down in Agganis Arena. Everyone I’ve heard from who has actually there, however, assures us that these details are false…go figure.

But let’s discuss this alleged drunken ice rink sexathon a little further. Did we mention this happened almost 4 years ago? And that every single person on that team has either graduated or gone straight to the NHL? Trivino and Nicastro are also obviously gone. So what are we left with? A bunch of really good guys (unless proven otherwise…which so far has not been done) who are getting dragged through hell because of the alleged actions of their teammates 4 years ago.

I’m friends with a girl who was an RA in the dorm that houses most of the hockey players last year. In fact, she had four of these players on her floor. And she had absolutely nothing but nice things to say about them. She said they were “the sweetest guys” and she never had any problems with them.


So I guess there are just a few bad eggs who make up the vast minority of the team. Go figure.

The only thing that ties all these incidents together is Jack Parker.

Ohhhh Jackie Parker.

I keep flip flopping back and forth over what I think should be done with Coach Parker.

Yes, he knew there was drinking in the locker rooms after the championships, but guess what? He punished the team the next day. And seeing as there is no proof that any of those other events happened, who’s to say that these things should have been reported to administration? If Parker is fired, at least it might finally allow us to move the hell on. Maybe then the reporters would just pack it up and stop sending out this crap. And then they’d turn to some other university and try to find the next Joe Paterno to sell more papers.

It’s pathetic.

It really is.

What we have is an amazing group of young men who did wonders last year when you look at all the adversity they were up against. We have a group of young men who just want to see all this drama go away once and for all. A group of young men who just want to play hockey. And win. And bring home that national championship again. (And yeah, they might even celebrate it a little bit.)

In the meantime, I have never been more proud to BU and I cannot wait for this hockey season to begin. And this drama to end forever.

Go terriers!

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