Back to the Grind

So I apologize if I’m super boring this week. Thing’s have been crazy busy with getting back into school and having class, an internship and a part-time job, so I haven’t really had time to do anything cool around Boston. Hopefully I can get out this weekend! But it’s difficult now, seeing as 75% of my Sundays are now dedicated to football. NOT that I’m complaining!

And plus, with my meal plan (and the fact that I’m trying super hard to save for Europe in the spring) I haven’t really been able to justify going out anywhere to eat. Also…with BU’s new amazing dining facility, it’s basically like going to a 4-star restaurant anyway. So yeah.

I mean, I had this homemade pasta in a white wine butter sauce with mushrooms and chicken the other day for lunch. What?!

And it offers a lovely view of Kenmore.

As well as a cafe and bakery, and late night kitchen in the basement. It’s pretty darn neat. I’m glad to know that my $55,000 a year is going somewhere cool.

So yeah, I’ve basically just been trying to get back into the swing of things. My new internship is located right on the water in the North End. It’s beautiful! And my lunch break is awesome because I can literally walk two feet to a bench by the ocean and read for an hour (more on what I’m currently reading to come later this week). And get this…today it was actually chilly!! I was in heaven! Of course, it heats up about 15 degrees as soon as the sun pops out, but it was a wonderful 65 degrees for most of the morning and my lunch break. Hello fall! Come into my open arms please!

And another cool thing is that I get to walk through the North End to get here. It’s a different world at 8 in the morning. No annoying tourists. Now masses of people. And craziest of all…no line out the door for Mike’s Pastry. I had never witnessed such a thing! I wonder what they have for breakfast besides coffee. Or maybe people just get pastries for breakfast. Why not? I guess I’ll have to check it out one of these times.

So yeah…I guess that’s it. I’m so so happy that it’s finally football season again! (Especially if there might be an NHL lockout!) But unfortunately the Patriots had to go and win yesterday so I’ve had to deal with ugly Patriots jerseys all over the city today. Poor, misguided people…


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