Is it hockey season yet?

Okay, I’m just kidding.

I won’t give up on the Giants that quickly.

I was, however, too upset embarrassed to write this post yesterday.

Seriously…what the hell was that??

The Cowboys are the one team that I will actually talk real smack about because, well, they’re the Cowboys. But Romo and the boys certainly proved me wrong Wednesday night. Although I feel like their win could mostly be attributed to a complete collapse of the Giants defense and an absence of the real Victor Cruz.

What was up with the D?? The defense I know and love would have easily stopped the Cowboys on 3rd and 12 and put the ball back into the hands of Mr. Manning who would’ve launched a perfectly thrown ball halfway down the field into the outstretched hands of Victor Cruz who would have caught it for the game-tying touchdown. But even if the defense had gotten the ball back in Eli’s hands and he had thrown it down the field right into the hands of Cruz, he probably would have just dropped it.

I don’t understand what was wrong. I know there were fears at the beginning of the season that all his fame and attention in the past year might have gotten his head out of the game and affected him on the field, but he seemed fine and very CRUUUZZZZZish all during preseason. So what gives?

Maybe just an off night, but still.

I’m not too worried. And I’m certainly not giving up on the Giants. Hello…if I could stick with them through the middle of the season last year (we lost to the freakin Redskins. twice) then I can stick through anything. (I have a lot of experience as a Red Sox fan).

So even if we are the first reigning Superbowl champion team to lose their opening game the next season since they started doing this, the Big Blue can still pull through.

And let’s talk about those refs.

It was a little ridiculous during preseason, but I think they pulled it together for the most part last night. Some bad or no-calls, but they happened for both teams and that happens with any referees. The one thing I did notice though was the ridiculous number of penalties!! Almost every single play!

Not that they weren’t actually penalties, but the real refs must have just learned to not call every single itty bitty thing or every game would go on forever. These new guys (or temporary replacement guys, whatever they are) need to realize this.

And while I was mad at these refs during the heat of the moment (like when they gave Dallas 50 first downs in a row) in retrospect, they did a pretty good job.

And they basically handed the Giants the chance to come back and tie it by giving the penalty that pushed Dallas back to 3rd and 12.

But Romo threw a good pass to a wide open receiver. And that’s all she wrote.



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3 responses to “Is it hockey season yet?

  1. Enjoyed your blog Boston, glad to see there is at least one Giants fan in that town. If you enjoy all things Giants you might like to check out my WordPress blog, “the twelfth man” at

    We’ve got the Bucs to look forward to, Later GMac

    • Nicole

      Hey, thanks for the comment! It was pretty dangerous wearing my Giants jerseys last February around here =P But oh so worth it! And I’ll definitely be checking it out! Here’s to a better next week..

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