Family Time

Football season starts tonight. Football season starts tonight. Football season starts tonight.

And I have work from 8am-6pm, but you can bet your pretty neck that I am bring my Giants jersey with me so I can put it on at the end of the day for the T ride home. Nothing makes me happier than pissing off Patriots fans. O=]

Let’s go Giants!

So a week ago I had the great pleasure of seeing all my wonderful family down in North Carolina for a week. And even got to see some of my cousins that I haven’t seen in YEARS! It was great. The first time we’ve all been together in how long. Good laughs, great food and a lot of fun!


My younger brother takes after me…my little baker in training!


Also this…we both only eat about half our hot dog buns with our hot dogs.


Oh how I had missed the feel of a soccer ball leaving my foot.


And I had my first Bojangles experience. So. Much. Grease.


But oh so delicious. Aren’t I cute?


And we went to the beach. I was amazed at how big the waves were down there, but I guess they’re not usually like that. It was a blast though! Perfect body surfing and body-boarding conditions. I could live there.


We also made mini-cheesecakes. They were delish. Too bad I was already full on my stepmom’s chicken wing dip. That stuff needs a warning label. So good.


The whole big happy family! Even Sugar!


So who’s as excited for football season as I am? Any Superbowl predictions?

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