Back to School

Where did summer go?

Seriously, please come back.

Or can we skip right to Christmas? I NEED  peppermint mocha from Starbucks right now!

So a lot has gone down since I left the great city of Boston.

Josh Beckett is gone. HALLE-FREAKING-LUJAH!

Thing’s actually started looking good for a few hours after the big bench clearing.

And then we lost 6 in a row. 20-2? Really??

Thank God football season starts soon.

OH MY GOD FOOTBALL SEASON STARTS TOMORROW!! GO GIANTS! I just got done unpacking all my stuff and needed almost an entire drawer JUST for my Giants gear. Can’t. Wait.

I apologize if this post is a bit all over the place. Last night I was writing this after packing my entire life into my mom’s Jeep and then carrying said life up a flight of stairs, and then unpacking it. And since school started today, last night was a crazy stress-fest where I tried to get all the last minute stuff in order. (Where the heck did I pack that Spanish book???) And finalize my schedule, finish paperwork, print out a million syllabi, finish Study Abroad applications, buy command strips on Amazon so I can FINALLY put up all my posters! And more. As you can see, my mind is in about a million other places right now, but I needed a break for my sanity. Or what’s left of it.

So back to the old grind. At least I still have weekends free, but my week schedules are ridiculous again. The last week and a half was not nearly long enough.

And I only got to be home for 2 of those days. (And I woke up relatively early both days because I didn’t want to waste away my time at home in bed, but then I would complain that I didn’t get to sleep in on my vacation. My life is so difficult.)

But here’s what I did in my two days at home! (even though it doesn’t really feel like home anymore…growing up is weird!)


This just about sums up where I live.


It’s beautiful.


I gave this adorable little squirrel my ear of corn.


I, of course, made s’mores!! (ignore the shirt. please.)




And of course I ate a lot of other food too…


My mom made THE most delicious Seafood Bisque. (Did I mention my diet starts today?)


And I made coconut shrimp and broccoli fritters.


And I ate as much corn as I possibly could! Nothing is better than Northern New York sweet corn!! That’s what I missed most spending the summer in Boston (except, of course, for you, mom). I even ate just 3 ears of corn for dinner one night. Can’t get enough!

Okay, I need sleep.


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