Cupcake Week: Party Favors!

Cupcake week is over!!!

And so is summer! Where did it go???

Back to school on Tuesday.

And work.

And my internship.

This past week and a half was not nearly long enough. I still have at least another month of sleep to catch up on. But oh well. Here’s a final tribute to unhealthy food before I go back to a healthy lifestyle. The best cupcake in Boston!

Here is a place that has truly stood the test of time. Every time I go there, they are consistently delicious. And it’s such a small, hole-in-the-wall, unassuming place that you would never expect there to be a bakery inside…let alone a bakery with amazing cupcakes!

My Cupcake Week winner and the best cupcakes I have had in Boston thus far came from Party Favors in Coolidge Corner.

Doesn’t sound like a cupcake place, does it? Well, you are welcome for letting you in on this little secret. This is actually a pretty adorable shop. Half of it is party favors and has some pretty neat stuff, especially around the holidays. Me and a friend came here for Halloween (to get cupcakes) but we did look around at all the costumes and Halloween decorations and they had some cool stuff!

The other half is a bakery/candy shop. I guess that’s how you’d describe it. They have chocolates/candies/fudge on one side and then cakes/cupcakes/tarts/etc on the other side.

They make wedding and special occasion cakes too, but they always have a good selection of individual cupcakes in the fridge. And did I mention they are always adorable?

I mean, come on! Almost too cute to eat. …almost.

These were the standard-sized cupcakes and I’m pretty sure they were around $2.50 each. I remember looking at the price and going “wow that’s very reasonable” so it must have been in that range.

I love these cupcakes. They manage to have really good frosting AND really good cake that could stand on its own. And I’m very picky with my cake part judging. They also have a perfect ratio of frosting to cake (for me, at least).

So cute!

These are probably the best bang for your buck cupcakes that you will get in Boston. Because they aren’t exclusively a cupcake place, they don’t have a wide variety of flavors. Their pastry cooler has a few more like red velvet and such, but they’re bigger and more expensive. The ones that you can get in the half dozens or dozens (or one if you want) are limited to chocolate and vanilla. But I am completely fine with that!

Some of them have delicious cream fillings in the middle and some don’t. It’s like a treasure hunt! So my tip to you….buy a dozen so you’re sure to get some with the filling.

They also have mini cupcakes and bigger ones.

I know it’s hard to see how big it is there, but this easily fed two of us and look how pretty it is!! (Way too much frosting for me though…good thing I have a mother who loves it). And I think all of these big size ones have cream fillings. Yum!

You’ll probably have to Google Maps this place, but it’s right on Beacon St. in Coolidge Corner. You should check it out and tell all your friends!

Rating Breakdown (out of 5):

Frosting: 5

Cake: 4.5

Number of Flavor Options: 2

Price: 5

Overall Taste: 5

So thanks for tuning in for cupcake week! I’m sorry if I’ve derailed any post-summer diets already! Or made anyone drool on their keyboards. So tell me, what are your favorite cupcakes in Boston? I’m definitely open to giving a new place a shot! A few that I would like to try are the South End Buttery, Flour Bakery and Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe.

I hope everyone had a fantabulous summer! I know I did! Oh…and 4 days until FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!


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2 responses to “Cupcake Week: Party Favors!

  1. Party favors are best if they are edible. This is pretty creative and I am sure this will leave an impression with the guests and they would enjoy them too.

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