Cupcake Week: Georgetown Cupcakes

So Georgetown Cupcakes tried to cheat.

They are next on my list of Boston’s best cupcakes, and they almost got extra brownie cupcake points because Jason Varitek served me my cupcakes the last time I was there.

But I was able to put all this aside and be completely objective, placing them in third.

Now these cupcakes are really good, but they just don’t live up to all the hype and hooplah of this store. Personally, I hate the show. It’s just so fake and staged. And I know most of these kinds of shows are pretty staged, but this just seems so fake and scripted, I turned it off after like 15 minutes of the first episode I ever watched.

But I was still pretty excited to try them when I heard they were coming to Boston. These cupcakes are very average in size (although they are only $2.75 so I guess it evens out). And they are very basic looking. Just a cupcake with colored frosting and a little decal on top. Not that this is a bad thing, but a little pizzazz never hurt anyone.

I do, however, LOVE how they do their super secret cupcake of the day everyday where they tweet a secret cupcake flavor in the morning and the first 100 customers per store that go in and ask for it by name get it for free! Such a great idea!

The first free cupcake I got was Blueberry Cheesecake.

I was surprised to see that it was an actual cheesecake instead of a cheesecake cupcake like they describe on their website, but it was still really good. I was glad though that I got suckered into paying for a plain vanilla cupcake too, because then I got to see what they’re most basic cupcake was all about.

Both the cake and the frosting had really good flavor, but the cake wasn’t as moist as I would have liked it to have been. Or as moist as I would expect from such a renowned cupcake shop. But it was still delicious. Just nothing spectacular.

The next free cupcake I got was the Banana Split.

Oh. My. God.

Look at that! It’s beautiful! One of the few pretty cupcakes here! It’s banana cake with a chocolate fudge filling, cream cheese frosting with peanuts and sprinkles and chocolate fudge sauce on top. WITH A CHERRY!

It’s as delicious as it looks and sounds! They really should do more elaborate cakes like these, because this is where they shine! And this is available everyday in August, but only August. So you better run and get one while you can!

You could also check out their Twitter because this is the free cupcake of the day quite often so you should really try this!

But make sure you get there pretty early. Apparently they usually sell out of those by noon (although I’ve managed to snag one at 12:30 once). And if you don’t get there in time, you walk up to the counter, get rejection thrown in your face, and at this point you were craving that cupcake so badly that of course you’re going to splurge the $2.92 (don’t judge me) on a backup cupcake. (I swear they must make up for the free cupcakes they give away 3 times over because of situations like this).

Not that this has ever happened to me. But if it WERE to happen, I would probably order this coconut cupcake.

And it would probably be really delicious with coconut baked right into the cake part.

With yummy cream cheese frosting. I only wish they’d put toasted coconut on top instead. But this has never happened to me…so I shouldn’t even be complaining.

And finally, the last time I went was during the big Boston vs. New York week when Jason Varitek was there serving up cupcakes.

I ordered the Green Monstah cupcake (the proceeds went to Jason’s charity) and also got the free cupcake of the day, which was Vanilla Sunshine.

The Vanilla Sunshine was very similar to the regular vanilla, but I think the frosting had a hint of lemon and it was reallyreallygood. I’m pretty sure the Green Monstah was a red velvet cake, only green. I’m not really a Red Velvet fan, I just don’t see what the obsession is all about, but this cupcake was still really good. And very, very GREEN!

I don’t know what kind of frosting was on this, but it was definitely the best I’ve had at Georgetown. I could not get enough of it! So I guess in summary, all of their cupcakes are really good, there are some real standouts (especially the more specialty flavors) and it is definitely worth trying! And hey, tune in to the show when the Boston vs. New York episode airs and look for me!

Rating Breakdown (out of 5):

Frosting: 4

Cake: 4

Number of Flavor Options: 4.5

Price: 4.5

Overall Taste: 4

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