Cupcake Week!!! The Cupcakory

So I have a little secret for you…I love food! I know, shocking. Especially food that’s really bad for me. And especially cupcakes! They are so good. And they’re small and manageable. And yum!

BUT now summer is over. And after eating absolutely anything that came within a 3 foot radius of me for the past 3 months it is time to crack down on the healthy eating and regular exercising this semester. At the beginning of every school semester I usually give up sweets. Last semester I think I made it a whole 6 weeks in before I cracked. I know, right? We’ll see how it goes this year. Most importantly though, I just NEED to start exercising again! I’m trying desperately to force myself to become a runner, but we shall see.

So anyway, we were talking about cupcakes. This is the last week of summer for a lot of people, so it’s the last week to go crazy and indulge until it’s back to school or just back to a not-so-fun season. And what better way to celebrate than with cupcakes? And even better….CUPCAKE WEEK!!!!

I have selflessly taken on the challenge of finding the best cupcake in Boston for all of you. You are so welcome. (But also feel free to try them all out for yourselves and let me know if you agree with me! I am instructing you to go out and try cupcakes. You’re welcome again.)

So over the next week I will review 6 prominent cupcake bakeries (or cupcake trucks) in Boston in order of least favorite to most favorite in my opinion.

You can also check out this article on for some of the best cupcake places in Boston, including a poll of your favorites…I won’t tell you my favorite until the end of this week. Stay tuned!

So first up on my list is The Cupcakory food truck!

One thing I immediately didn’t like about this truck was how boring it is! I mean, come on!!! You’re a cupcake truck! Plain white with green letters is not NEARLY as exciting as it should be.

My mom and I came here awhile back at the SoWa Winter Market. We had to wait awhile for them to show up. Apparently normal people don’t start wanting cupcakes until after 11 o’clock in the morning. Pshh!! But luckily for them, and for us, and for cupcake week, they pulled in just as we started walking to our car. So we waited for them to get set up and were happy to be their first customers.

But then I was very disappointed. The selection available on the truck was pretty lame. I am a very basic, vanilla kind of gal when it comes to my cupcakes, but come on! If you’re going to claim that you will have 5-6 rotating flavors available at a time on the truck on your website, then you should have at least 5. At least!

But alas…they only had double vanilla, double chocolate, salted carmel, and Guinness and chocolate. So this limited me to only one option seeing as I don’t like chocolate cake. Not good Cupcakory, not good.

Okay, now I’m done complaining. Let’s talk about how they tasted!! The cake part was just mediocre at best. Not the kind of cake that I could eat plain. I needed all the frosting that was available to make sure I had enough in every bite to cover up the blandness of the cake.

Now let’s talk about that frosting!! On the menu it is described as a Madagascar Bourbon vanilla buttercream. What is Madagascar vanilla??? And where can I get some? Seriously…I will marry this vanilla bean! This was the best frosting (flavor-wise) that I think I have ever tasted. I’m not sure if it was a buttercream though. My mom didn’t like it because it had more of a whipped cream consistency. It wasn’t quite that whipped-like bad, but it was very light (which I don’t think is a bad thing, but my mom didn’t like it).

I put my cupcake in the fridge for a few hours before I ate it though, and when I took it out the frosting had thickened up a little and was more frostingy (is that a word? I thought so) and ohmygod was it good?! I’m not a huge frosting lover. I only like as much as I need to complete the cupcake and then I usually leave the rest behind. I can’t just eat gallons of frosting anymore like when I was a kid (okay, maybe last year…) But regardless, I hope I never encounter a giant batch of this frosting because there is not enough willpower in the world to prevent me from inhaling it all!

So yeah…I suppose I can only say so much about how delicious a frosting is, so I will stop boring you now. Oh yeah…and they were $3 a piece…pretty standard for their size. Here’s the breakdown…

Rating Breakdown (out of 5):

Frosting: 15

Cake: 2.5

Number of Flavor Options: 2.5

Price: 4

Overall Taste: 3.5


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