Summer in Pictures

Summer is almost over. It’s official. One last week of relaxation (mind you, this will be the only relaxation I’m getting this summer) and then it’s back to school and another crazy busy schedule.

I landed in Raleigh last night without a problem and it seems like I got out of town just in time. It is a sad, sad time to be living in Boston as a Red Sox fan. I don’t even want to know the scores anymore. It’s downright embarrassing. Can we please stop pretending we have even a .002 percent chance of making it to the Playoffs anymore?

Okay good.

Just in time for football season!




Can’t even contain my excitement.

So anyway, now that summer is over, I’d like to commemorate it in pictures (and a couple of videos) because you all know how much I love taking and sharing pictures!

And we’re off!

I did have a mini vacation at the beginning of summer when I went home for a couple of weeks before the madness began. I did some interesting things.

I chopped two feet of hair off.


I made as many s’mores as possible in the little time that I was home.

I rocked the ducky face with my bestest high school friends.

We made about 500 cake pops (slight exaggeration) and realized that we didn’t have a future in cake ball making. But they were still delicious! And thus began a summer full of stuffing my face with delicious food.

I saw the thousands of flags on the Commons for Memorial Day. Way cool.

I took about a thousand sunset pictures from my temporary dorm. It’s a good thing I wasn’t there all summer or I would have never been able to choose my favorite.

I had Fenway Park practically myself.

I discovered the gloriousness that is the Paris Creperie food truck and ventured into the delicious wonder that is a savory crepe!

Me and my roomie made our first meal in our very own kitchen. She made the fried rice. I made the sweet and sour chicken. Delicious.

We hung out with these cool guys.

I performed live in concert with Foster the People.

I saw the Boston Pops in concert on July 3rd.

I waited in the hot, grueling, humid summer sun for hours at the perfect firework spot on the Fourth of July.

And then got absolutely downpoured on as soon as the fireworks started.

But it was so worth it.

I spent an entire day at the beach. Swimming in the freezing cold water and playing  a LOT of football!

And checking out the awesome sand castles.

And watched the coolest fireworks I have ever seen over Revere Beach.

I finally got to the Museum of Science. It wasn’t as great as I was expecting, but I suppose it’s better for 12 year olds. I cannot WAIT for this exhibit though!! So cool!

Jason Varitek personally wrapped and served me my cupcakes.

And then I devoured the cupcake.

I cooked a lot of big meals for all my friends. I was in heaven!

And then we made an award-winning music video. For real.

The band got a private Duck Boat Tour.

Where I took one of my favorite pictures of the summer.

I ate Zinga! approximately twice a week. Not even kidding. My favorite? Peanut butter. With butterfinger topping. To die for. I also LOVED the salted carmel pretzel fro yo. But not with anything added to it.


This one was California Tart and Blueberry Tart with a crap ton of fresh fruit! Also a good choice. And this one was 13.5 ounces exactly so I got it for free!! Honestly the highlight of my summer.


And to make up for all this fro yo and other delicious food, I also played a LOT of football! And took a LOT of unsuccessful “action” shots.


I played a lot of band.


I learned that we should stick to playing instead of singing thanks to Adele karaoke.


I experienced Dessert Nachos for the first (and second) time.


This was another happiest day of my summer that I waited 7 months for!


I went to New York City!


I experienced Ramen for the first time and fell head over heels in love!


We went to the Doughnut Plant where I experienced the best donut I’ve ever had in my life…Tres Leches Cake Doughnut. We basically just ate a lot of food!


And I finally got to see the Ground Zero memorial. Beautiful.


I impulsively bought sprinkles because they were on sale.


And then proceeded to make the most delicious, sweet dessert ever…cake batter blondies!


And I finished my time in the Boston area by watching the sunset at the Yacht Club.

Overall, it was one of the best summers of my life! I can’t wait for a little vacation (even though I do have a pretty cool week planned for you all next week) and then it’s back to reality!

I hope you all had a great summer and have a wonderful fall!

When do the peppermint mochas start coming out at Starbucks?

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