The Mystery of the Silver Line

What exactly is the silver line? Is it a subway? Is it a bus? Is it a spaceship?

Bear with me here.

It is something I’ve always wondered. Like, it’s kept me up at night.

I don’t understand it. I have had a few Silver Line sightings this summer, once at South Station where it looked like a green line car only silver and with GIANT monster truck wheels.

And then another time I was walking aboveground near Boylston and thought I saw a silver stripe down a regular old bus, but by the time I double-taked (double-took?) the elusive vehicle had already disappeared. It’s all a conspiracy I tell you!

The main MBTA subway map tells a rather confusing story…

What is that??

Now…I’ve been to Boylston Station many a time and there is no silver line there. So I’m guessing the bus-looking version that I thought I almost saw that day near Boylston must have been it and it lives aboveground in those parts. So then do you have to pay to get back on the silver line if you take the green line to Boylston?

I did what any normal person would do if they wanted answers to life’s big questions…turned to the internet. You’d think the MBTA’s website would explain exactly what this silver phenomenon was. You would be wrong. It only gives the schedule information and a map.

Now let’s talk about this map.

They list SL1, SL2, SL4 and SL5.

What happened to SL3? Maybe it was his ghost that I saw near Boylston that day. Or maybe he’s up in MBTA heaven with the green A line. Or maybe the new “real life” Charlie has driven it down to the deepest depths of hell and is reserving special seats just for the people who complain about the MBTA and call their mascot a character in a bad horror film on their blogs. Not that I’m now terrified or anything.

And now I’m even more confused then when I started this post. Let’s hope I’m never lost in the seaport district, aimlessly wandering around when I stumble into the silver line because I wouldn’t even know what to do.

I guess this is just one of those life mysteries that I’ll never get to the bottom to.

You win this time, Silver Line. For now. But I will discover your secrets one of these days. Mark my words.

On a side note, I sliced my foot open getting off of the T yesterday (the green line…a much easier to comprehend/actually real branch of the MBTA). I sent my mom a picture of my blood streaming down my heel and told her the T bit me. Her immediate response? “You washed it, didn’t you? With soap and water? Did you clean it good? Seriously.”

So now I’m deadly afraid that I contracted Mad Cow Disease. Luckily my foot is still attached to my body. Let’s hope it stays that way.

(You all now think I’m crazy. It’s better that you find out sooner rather than later.)

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