Charlie is coming to life?

So I read THIS article this morning…

And now I’m going to make an extra effort to stay inside all day and avoid the streets of Boston.


Look at that thing!

I can’t even…

It reminds me of the main character in some cheap horror film on a late night Halloween special. And we all know those are the scariest.

I will throw the MBTA a bone however though and say that this is a really good idea. And I can’t believe they haven’t had a store like this before hand. Now can we start getting discounted passes for college students instead of just middle/high school students? Thankyouverymuch.

Also, I love how the article ends by saying that the costume was paid for by the Mass Bay Credit Union. Don’t worry guys…they aren’t spending all the money they don’t have on creepy little bastards!

Oh MBTA…you bring such joy and laughter to my morning. Until now when I’m going to SPRINT to Kenmore to avoid any Charlie-sightings and then take a 20-minute train ride that will probably actually last closer to 40 minutes. But hey…that’s okay. The more I can hide underground today, the better.

Wait….he’s not going to be walking around the subway stations too, is he?? Maybe I’ll just call in sick.

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