Sunday at the Yacht Club

Happy Monday!

And it is a very happy Monday indeed! By the end of this week I will be relaxing on a beach in North Carolina with my family for what will FINALLY be my summer vacation. I cannot wait!

Unfortunately, from now until then, I’m working two doubles plus two full final days at my internship. But oh well, hopefully it’ll keep me busy enough that the time will fly by!

I hope everyone had fabulous weekends! Mine was spent packing like a maniac and then moving everything into my aunt’s house where it will live for the next few weeks as I vacation it up!

This is what my life has been reduced to…


Seriously, go to college for a few years and you will soon find yourself only needing what you can fit in the back of your mom’s Jeep. And then you find yourself staring at a small pile like this and wondering how everything you need to live can fit in such a little space. It’s some deep stuff.

So after a long day of moving, I got to just chill at my aunt and uncle’s yacht club for the evening. A wonderful way to end the day, I’d say.


I sipped some iced tea, got a lobster roll for dinner (which I have been craving for FOREVER but am way too cheap to buy for myself), and watched the beaUtiful sunset!


So let’s go back to talking about expensive lobster rolls. I thought there was a huge surplus of them this year or something and prices were at an all time low? Apparently this doesn’t apply to hooty snooty yacht clubs, because this little sucker cost 18 bucks!


18 bucks!!

It’s not even on a sub roll, just a hot dog roll. Ridiculous. I mean it was absolutely delicious, but not worth $18. Good thing I have an aunt and uncle who love me very much! It’s nice to live like the other half every now and then.


As the sun continued to set over the harbor it just got more and more beautiful. All the grown ups were talking and I was just sitting there snapping away pictures on my crappy phone. I have a slight obsession with sunsets. And taking pictures of everything.





If that’s how beautiful it looks on my crappy LG, you can only imagine how gorgeous it was in real life.

It was a wonderful way to end a crazy weekend and to start a crazy busy week.

Oh yeah, and I got a free ride on the commuter rail on the way home again.



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