Dessert Nachos at Sunset Cantina

Ladies and gentlemen, I lived for the first time the other night. This revitalization came in the form of dessert nachos.

Why yes, it is as amazing as it sounds.

Giant sweetened taco bowl?

Homemade nachos fried and dipped in cinnamon sugar?


Caramelized apples and bananas? And strawberries?


A MOUNTAIN of whipped cream with chocolate sauce and ice cream on the side???


Seriously amazing. I was willing to risk the explosion of the stomach lining before I was willing to stop eating. Okay, so my stomach didn’t actually explode, but if you had talked to me that night I probably would have told you a different story.

So by now you’re probably wondering where you could get this mountain of deliciousness. And if not, here’s a picture to make you start wondering where you could get this mountain of deliciousness.

Well don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

It’s the Sunset Cantina Bar & Grill on Comm Ave. DANGEROUSLY close to BU and where I live 11  months out of the year.

I almost wish I could unfind out about these because now I’m afraid I’m going to become broke and obese all at once.  (Our waiter told us that he has like 3 of those a week! And he was a stick!! Can they please find a way to give girls the allyoucaneatmalechromosome already??

And now that I’ve found out about this phenomenom, I already have plans to go there this evening with all my work friends (after hours of hard manual labor). And as soon as my roomie gets back into town, we’re going. This is seriously dangerous.

I guess it’s not too expensive though because one serving is definitely enough for 4 people!! And probably even 6 if you order it after a real meal!

There was four of us and we got a real nacho plate (the Spinach and Artichoke dip) and the Dessert Nachos and we were practically rolling home.

So let me talk about this spinach and artichoke dip for a minute. When we sadi that’s what we wanted, our waiter was like, “Have you ever had it before here?”

We timidly said no and immediately started to regret the decision. But he just laughed and said he didn’t mean to scare us, but it will just be bigger and better than the spinach and artichoke dip we were expecting.

And boy was he right!

Look at that thing!

There was only a small little pile of actual spinach and artichoke dip in the middle, but the rest of the (AMAZING!) homemade nachos were covered in tomatoes and peppers and olives and deliciousness plus lots and lots of cheese! It was amazing! Although in retrospect I wish we had known, because we probably would have gone with something smaller seeing as our dessert nachos were on the way.

But it was really good! I don’t know how they make their nachos, but they are so good! You should try them when you go there (not just the dessert kind). They practically melt in your mouth.

So yeah…perfect college food! Bring 3-5 of your closest friends and loosen up you belt! And be prepared to receive ginormous serving sizes of whatever you order!

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