Improvements to the MBTA and Deterioration of the Red Sox


I never thought I’d see the day!

But don’t get too excited, apparently it’s never going to happen on the Green Line.

This article in the Globe tells all about it, but it’s something to do with the fact that it only has a “rudimentary tracking system.” Whatever. I think it’s just because the Green Line absolutely sucks and there are so many problems and disabled trains with it that the signs would cause more uproar than convenience.

But I’m still pretty excited for this! Even if I do pretty much only use the Green Line.

It’s about time! When I was in New York the other weekend I LOVED these signs! They were so helpful! And actually made the time that you were waiting seem a lot shorter because at least you knew what to expect. You weren’t waiting anxiously for a train to come around the corner at any moment because you knew that it wouldn’t be there for another 4 minutes.

Sure, it’s a little disappointing when you walk downstairs and the sign says your train is 12 minutes out, but at least you know.

And like they say in the article, if you’re train is 15 minutes out, you know you have time to go grab a coffee before swiping onto the tracks. Pretty cool.

But then it did really suck when you went into one of the few stations that didn’t have it because it felt like you went back in time to the Stone Age. And then I got back to Boston at almost midnight and waited for nearly 20 minutes at Park St. for any Kenmore bound train, convinced that a Black Hole had emerged where Government Center was sucking in all the trains. Some things will never change.

These signs rolled out in South Station this morning and will soon be joining Park Street (Red Line only) and Downtown Crossing. And then to all Red, Blue and Orange Line stations in the next year.

Hopefully, someday they’ll be able to add the Green Line to this list, but it’s probably better they don’t. I feel the sign would look like this at all times:
B Line: 15 minutes
27 minutes
C Line: 1 minute
4 minutes
D Line: No freaking clue!
Probably never
E Line: 6 minutes (and then it would stay at 6 minutes indefinitely)

That probably wouldn’t sit to well.

So I guess we’ll just have to take what we have been given and be happy with that.

Just like with the Red Sox.

Where did that John Lester from Sunday night come from?? And where did that offense come from?? (And without Ortiz even! So when is he coming back again??) 14-1…what is this madness?

But alas…it was just our same old Red Sox getting our hopes up that maybe finally they were going to turn things around when really they were just going to put Beckett into the lineup for the next game. And Beckett clearly isn’t capable of the same kind of miracle that Lester was able to come up with.


And meanwhile there’s even more chaos in the dugout after Yahoo released a story saying that a meeting between the owners, Pedroia and Gonzalez was calling for Valentine’s immediate firing. This apparently wasn’t the case, they just had a grand round-table discussion about how much everybody sucks. Now that’s a story I would definitely believe. But maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. This article in the Globe actually made me kind of like Bobby V (shocking, I know), but only as a person. Not as our manager.

It’s time to move on Bobby V. Catch up on your sleep and keep contributing to the greater good. Instead of contributing to the Red Sox undoing.


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