People Are Rude

Let me preface this post by saying, that I understand the MBTA is a stressful situation in and of itself. I understand that by the time you actually get on the T you are probably now in a horrible, foul mood regardless of how your day had been going up until that point. I understand this. But people need to understand this: everyone on that T is also dealing with its crap, so you do not have any right to be rude to other people!

Exhibit A: I am a really nice and kind person. I’m not trying to brag and be all conceited, but it’s true. I say “Hi” and “Good Morning!” to friendly-looking people I pass on the sidewalks. I always hold doors for people. I always say “Have a nice day!” to any cashiers I may encounter throughout my day when I’m done with my purchase. And I always ALWAYS offer my seat on the T to injured or elderly persons.

Until last night.

But I had every intention of doing so! After waiting a good 20 minutes (during rush hour) for my train to finally come, I hopped on and grabbed a seat because I get on at the first stop and ride it for quite awhile. And then I looked around to make sure there was no one who looked like they needed a seat more than me. As the last people poured on, I pulled my book out of my backpack and began reading.

At last second this woman climbs onto the train, and she was having difficulty getting up the stairs. After noticing her, I began putting my book back into my bag so I could zip it up and offer her my seat. She grabbed on to the pole right in front of me and JUST as I was about to stand up and offer her the seat she starts LOUDLY bitching to this poor girl next to her about how rude the young people of today are.

She said, and I quote, “Can you believe young people today?? There are signs posted everywhere saying that you should give up your seat to the elderly, but do they listen? No! Not only is it just rude…it is against the law! But they don’t care! I can’t even believe it! There are signs everywhere and it is the law, but they just DON’T!”

And with this last “but they just DON’T,” she got within a foot of my face and practically spat it at me.

I looked up at her, probably a look of “Really, bitch?” on my face, as I held my backpack in my hand, clearly ready to stand up at any moment, and slowly sank back into the seat. Glaring at her the whole time.

No way in hell was she taking my seat now!

I don’t care if anyone else thinks I still should have offered it to her. My pride is too big for that and quite frankly, she did not deserve it! So I glared at her one last time, shook my head in disbelief, and pulled my book back out of my bag to read the rest of the ride away.

And you want to know the real kicker?

She got off at the next stop!!! The. Very. Next. Stop.

Are you kidding me???

I was so infuriated. Note to self: If I’m ever having a really good day, avoid the T like the plague. Because if the actual service doesn’t send me over the edge, the rude people around me certainly will!

Okay, rant over.

Lesson of the day: Us young people are a lot kinder (for the most part) than ya’ll give us credit for. And we will offer you our seats if you’re not a complete bitch. Kay thanks.


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