Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

Day 3 in photographs and captions.

We began our day at the Doughnut Plant.

I loved the pictures on their giant menu screen! All they sold were doughnuts…cake and yeast…and coffee drinks. That was all they needed because those donuts were to die for!

I went with the Wild Blueberry yeast donut. Look how puffy and delicious that is in the middle!

Helenka went with the Carrot Cake donut and we split a Tres Leches cake donut because she assured me that it was the best donut I’d ever have in my life. And let me tell  you…it definitely was! With the glaze on the outside and then I swear to god the middle of it tasted like a mixture of cake and incredible tres leches cream. I don’t know how they did it! It must have been cream-filled all the way around, but it just all mixed in with the cake and was to DIE for! So good!

From there we went to the High Line, which was probably my favorite part of the entire trip. It is a long elevated park/garden that runs from 30th to 12th streets along the Hudson River side of the island. I had no idea this was here and it was so cool!

It was a beautiful view of the Hudson and Jersey on one side and then the New York skyline and a lot of interesting buildings on the other side.

Statue of Liberty.

Love it!

My favorite part! There was a mini water pool flowing over half of the path. The only place in NYC that I would risk going barefoot…and mostly just because I was dying of heat.

There used to be a train that ran along this path so you could still see the railroad tracks throughout. I thought these lawn chairs were the coolest thing ever! They could roll along the tracks!! If I lived in New York, I would spend every free moment here!

Then we went down to walk the Brooklyn Bridge (or at least a third of it because that thing is LONG!).

Unfortunately, a lot of ugly construction.

On to Ground Zero!

I finally got to see the Memorial! You have to wait in line for tickets, but they’re free! Just a suggested donation. And then you have to wait in more lines and of course go through security, but it wasn’t too bad. And so worth it! This is the South Tower pool.

The names of some firefighters. Thank you.

Whoever thought of this pool idea for the memorials was genius. I think it’s the perfect way to remember those we have lost. It’s beautiful and gives me the goosebumps.

The North Pool right at the base of the Freedom Tower.

Then we went to Artichoke Pizza for lunch. This is the spinach and artichoke pizza and it was a HUGE SLICE! The crust was delicious and it tasted like spinach and artichoke dip on top with artichoke and spinach chunks on top and lots and lots of cheese. It was so good! And very filling!

But of course we still had room for ice cream. Big gay ice cream, in fact!

This started out as a food truck and they just opened this store recently. This fine young “woman” was standing out front (in tights and a dress in the 90 degree heat, God bless him). He was rather entertaining during our short wait in the line out front.


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