Invading the Big Apple

Here’s a glimpse at my second day in New York City in pictures. (And captions because of course I have to add my own commentary.)

We began our morning by waiting in line at the box office for rush tickets to Bring It On: The Musical. We didn’t get rush tickets, but we got pretty cheap seats for $35.


Then we did the whole tourist thing in Times Square.


The bear from Brave. They STILL don’t have any merchandise from Up!! Or any of the Disney Pixar movies except Toy Story and Cars. No matter how many times I bitch when I go there…and all the employees agree with me! No excuse. They had Avengers and Spiderman stuff everywhere…THAT’S NOT EVEN DISNEY! Okay, I’m done.




He’s my favorite!


So many M & Ms!!


One of my favorite shows! Would love to see it on Broadway…especially with Ricky Martin!


Then we went to Smorg in Brooklyn for lunch. It was just a large gathering of food stands, most of which sold smaller dishes so you could try a little bit of everything. (Or maybe that’s just what we told ourselves) Regardless, we spent a LOT of money and a LOT of calories here!


Cold sesame noodles (that I ate with chopsticks!!!!) and a brisket sandwich that was absolutely amazing! Probably my favorite thing I ate my entire time in NYC.


And crispy pork on a steamed bun. Which creeped me out…I’m still not exactly sure what it is. It looks like a white puffy cloud on the inside, but it’s a hamburger bun when you bite into it. It was weird. And not my favorite.


A s’more with homemade chocolate grahams, homemade coconut marshmallow, chocolate ganache and salted carmel drizzle. Yum.


Coconut donut.


So pretty.


Peanut butter banana (as amazing as it sounds!). And strawberry champagne. It tasted like champagne. Go figure.


This was my first time in Brooklyn. I was loving the view!





On the ferry back to Manhatten. Only $4!




We checked out Grand Central Station (but mostly just for the air-conditioning, bathroom and water fountain). And we went to that cool room where you can whisper into the corner on one side and whoever is standing in the corner in the opposite side can hear you perfectly clear. I was amazed! So cool!


We took a stroll through Central Park. (Did I mention we did a lot of walking??)



Then…more food!!


I’m not much of a burger person…especially after working around them every single day, but this was one delicious burger! Except for the “Shacksauce” they put on it. There wasn’t a lot so it wasn’t horrible, but it tasted like some kind of alcohol that I couldn’t place and it was just strange.


The fries were pretty good, but nothing spectacular.


We didn’t get shakes, but we did try the frozen custard. I got the flavor of the day, Salted Carmel, and Helenka got the Vanilla. They were oh so creamy! And really good! Very very sweet, but still delicious! And did I mention creamy?? For real.


Cute windows across the street!


Then to the show!


My illegal picture of the stage that I immediately got yelled at for taking. She had eyes like a hawk!


I actually loved the show! I was skeptical when I first heard they were doing a Bring It On musical, but it was so good! The plot was a little different from the movie, it just had the same characters for the most part. But the stunts were incredible and I loved most of the songs! And the cast…amazing! And I was laughing out loud every couple of minutes. It just opened last Wednesday, but I really hope it does well because it was great. And the cast was so gracious when they all came out for Meet and Greet after.


My favorite transvestite!


Campbell…the lead.


We took one more stroll through Times Square and were graced with the presence of the Naked Cowboy. I’ve still yet to see the Naked Indian!


Definitely ready to pass out at this point! And shower. Definitely shower.

We covered a LOT of ground and it was so much fun!


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