My Trip to the Big City

Man, am I exhausted!

Walking all around New York City for two days in the 90 degree heat/95% humidity is exhausting! But so much fun!

It didn’t help that I got in at 12:30 last night and then had to get up at 6:30am for work, but oh well. I desperately need money…that city is EXPENSIVE!

And it’s HUGE!

I’ll stick to Boston. I  kept thinking we’d be able to walk everywhere without realizing that I was suggesting we walk like 3 miles. (Who knew that it wasn’t 14 streets from 14th Street to the Southern tip of the island?) It just plain doesn’t make sense. I like being able to walk from one end of Boston to the other in an hour. Thankyouverymuch!

I did, however, finally figure out how that crazy subway system of theirs works! I guess it’s not so confusing once you look at the map and pay attention. But it definitely takes some getting used to after only dealing with 4 lines in Boston.

Overall though, I had a ton of fun. Ate a ton of food. Walked a ton of miles. And sweated a TON!

Good ole Megabus got me there 2 hours later than I expected though, so by the time I got there I was about ready eat the next thing that crossed my path, but luckily we went straight to my friends apartment at Barnard College to drop off my bags and then straight to the edge of Harlem a few blocks away to Jin Ramen.

Apparently Ramen has become HUGE in NYC lately and I saw signs for it on restaurants everywhere. And let me say this, this trend needs to come to Boston. Right. Now. I’ve heard that some places are starting to have it, but don’t start serving it until after 11pm? What?

Anyway, it was the most delicious thing ever!


For those of you who don’t know, this is not your 23 cent package of Ramen from the grocery store found in mass quantities in every college students cupboard. It is made from broth that is boiled down for hours and served with the Ramen style noodles with lots of veggies and meat depending on what kind you ordered. It was also topped with a bunch of cabbage and a seaweed sheet.

We got the Miso Ramen which was made with pork. And it was pretty cool because we got to sit at the bar right in front of where the food was prepared so we could watch them make our giant bowls of soup from scratch. It took everything I could not to dive over the counter and grab all the food, I was so hungry!


Don’t let the smile fool you.

But finally, our food came! And it was a HUGE bowl! And it only came with chopsticks! (And a ladle for the broth.) I panicked. But what do ya know? I actually kind of mastered them! Finally! And by the end of this weekend, I was choosing them over forks for my Asian cuisine. Yay me! I’m so cultured.

Look at that technique! But not really…because it’s probably all wrong. Don’t burst my bubble.

This was my bowl after what felt like only 5 minutes.


Please Boston! Jump on this bandwagon already!

We also had green tea ice cream for good measure. It came with red bean paste (eh) and toasted sesame seeds (YUM!).


Delish. And not too green tea-y.

An excellent way to start off a great weekend full of delicious food!

More to come tomorrow! Happy Tuesday.


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