Missing: Wally the Green Monster

I’m still laughing. My twitter feed has been absolutely hysterical over the past several hours. Have I mentioned I absolutely LOVE Boston???







Oh Beckett, if only you actually had thought of that!

I’m not sure how real or staged or anything this whole thing was, but I think it was exactly what Red Sox Nation needed today. I think a lot of people aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in the Bronx this weekend with the Olympics and people to root for who actually have a good chance of winning are taking up the TV.

But well played Red Sox or the Boston PD or Boston Globe, whoever it was. For a few hours on this Friday afternoon after yet another recent loss, the entire Boston community was brought together with the single goal of reuniting the very symbol of our Red Sox pride with our Boston Red Sox.

Not that there can be much better news that a found Wally the Green Monster, but there is also this!

Now let’s go and beat those pinstriped bastards!


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