Private Duck Boat Tour

How is it almost August already? How is today the last day of summer Orientation? Why why why must summer end??

So as you can see ( I’m having an emotional meltdown here. This has been one of the best summers EVAH and now it’s practically over. Band is over. Everyone’s going home before school starts. Or heading off to London or Australia for fall study abroad. It is just depressing.

This summer has been amazing. And it has changed me so much for the better. I’m way more chill now instead of super scheduley and MUST STICK TO THE PLAN like I used to be. Now I just go with the flow and I say yes to everything. Have you ever seen Yes, Man? Yup..that’s me. And yes, it has made me a little poorer (and a little fatter) but mostly just way happier!

It’s going to be weird when school starts and I actually have more free time and actually get to sleep again. I think I skipped the vacation part of summer vacation, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. I’ve been making money and having fun at work, getting a lot of experience and learning a lot at my internship, and having an awesome time with my fellow bandmates at Orientation!

Speaking of these awesome times, we got the opportunity to go on our own private BU Bands Duck Boat Tour. They even came to our campus to pick us up! You should’ve seen the jealous faces of all the other students walking by. That’s right, we are that cool.

It was a lot of fun. The driver when to high school with our band director so we went on a super long route and just got to see everything and ride wherever we wanted. It was a lot of fun and riding around in a vehicle with the wind blowing through your hair is WAY underrated! That’s the one thing that I do miss about summer while I’m here in the city. But it was very pleasant. We got to watch the sunset over the Charles and then got back to BU in time to enjoy 25 cent wing night at T’s Pub. Something I never would’ve done before this summer! Because I would never eat dinner later than 7 and I would definitely never go out when I had to get up early the next morning! And boy, would I have been missing out!

Did I mention I’m getting fat?

So yes, I know it’s only July 27th, and I’m already pretty much saying goodbye to summer, but the best part for me ends today. I can’t wait until next year, but I’m going to miss the seniors like crazy! Band nerds for life!

So here are some of the pictures I took of Boston on our tour:


Part of the Berlin Wall.


Into the water.


A fellow duck!


The Hatch Shell.


A cool view of Beacon Hill and the State House.


BU in the distance.


Love this picture of Faneuil Hall!


A beautiful time of night to be driving through the city!


Love them!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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