A Rant About the MBTA

Can I take a minute to vent about the ever-reliable Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority?

Well, it’s my blog. So yes. Yes, I can.

But seriously. What is up with it lately?

I understand that they have problems, but I have seen a significant increase in crappy service and awfully slow service in the past two weeks. It’s awful! It’s been taking me ONE HOUR to get from Government Center to a few stops in on the Green Line. A trip that could take 20 minutes, but I’d be happy with 30-45. I understand that I’m traveling during rush how, but for real. An hour? There’s no reason for that!

And it never used to be like that! All summer I’ve had plenty of time to get from my internship downtown (that I leave at 5) to band practice at BU at 6 and still have like 15 minutes to chill out and eat my dinner. But for the past two weeks…not the case. The MBTA has forced me into becoming one of those people who disgustingly eats her dinner in the middle of a crowded subway car. I apologize to everyone who has been standing next to me and had to smell my Subway or pretzels and hummus as I panickly inhale it as I realize that I’m going to be really late for band practice. But I can’t go until 9 o’clock at night without eating.

And the thing is, it’s not even just slow service! It’s annoying choices that they make! Like when they decide that the B line is only going to go as far as Park St. But they only announce this ever 15 minutes after several other lines have gone by and you’ve missed about 3 B line trains that have left Park. Unacceptable. Every single car that comes through should make an announcement saying that if you are looking for B Line service, get on and take this train to Park St. Come on, guys!

And then every single train that I get on ends up going express once I get above ground! I understand their reasoning for this, but hears the thing: You make half of us all pile out and wait on the platform for the next train that you promise is “right behind us that’s making all street-level stops,” but then when that train finally comes, it’s so jam-packed with people that only a few of us can actually get on this one. Delaying us even more.

It is so frustrating!

And it always seems to happen when I’ve just had a really crappy day and only when I’m in a hurry to get somewhere. Tonight…I have nowhere to be after work. I’ll bet you my life savings that I’ll get home in 20 minutes.


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