A light at the end of the tunnel with Clay Bucholz


Clay Bucholz is back and he is actually back.

Last night’s pitching performance was EXACTLY what Red Sox Nation needed to hold on to our tiny sliver of hope for just a little longer. Finally, a pitcher who can prove that he’s worth his salt!

(Now seriously, can we put Lester and Beckett on the DL now? Or just the bench? Just give them some beer and fried chicken…I won’t even be upset about it anymore.)

And why the heck is Lester starting against the Yankees?? For the love of God! I can’t handle all this embarrassment and that is exactly what this will end up being. He is out of second chances. So why, Bobby V? Why??

But anyway. Thank you to our offense for showing up to a majority of the games lately. It’s wonderful what they can pull when they have a reliable pitcher helping them out on the mound. It shouldn’t have to take 7 runs to win a baseball game, and a baseball game CERTAINLY shouldn’t be lost after scoring 7 runs!

So thank you Aviles. And Crawford, Gonzalez, Ellsbury. And I really hope that you start getting the support you need from the bullpen to pull us permanently out of this 10 month rut. One can only hope.

On a much happier note (sorry). This picture made me burst out laughing with happiness and glee.


Enjoy the DL, ARod.

That is all.

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