Paris Creperie: A Perfect Sunday Brunch

Now that the Paris Creperie food truck doesn’t come to BU for Sunday brunch anymore (sad face), I have to go all the way to Coolidge Corner to their cafe if I want my Sunday crepe fix. And it should tell you something that I’m still willing to do this, because man this stuff is good!

And I have to say…I’m very proud of myself! I finally ordered something new there!

I’m the kind of person who, when they find out they really like something at a restaurant, they order it every single time they go there because they know it’s going to be delicious!

Now I’m well aware that there are many delicious things on the menu, but I would always find myself craving that dang French Toast Crepe with Bananas. It is too DIE for!!


And when you cut into it, the maple syrup just seems to appear as you go! More and more just keeps coming and it is the absolute perfect amount! Even for a maple syrup obsessed person like myself.


It’s a delicious combination of eggs, maple syrup, brown sugar and your fruit of choice (bananas, duh!).

But alas, after ordering this crepe everysingletime I went there since I discovered it, I finally ordered something new!

I never really like the idea of a savory crepe. I just always saw crepes of being super sweet with fruit and nutella and brown sugar and the works. But I finally tried a savory crepe at the Paris Crepe truck at Sunday brunch one day when I was STARVING after moving into my apartment all morning!


It was a tarragon infused crepe with ham, egg, brie, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and freakin deliciousness! It was (and still is) the best crepe I ever had! Which is one of the main reasons I’m very sad that they don’t come to BU for brunch anymore. So as far as savory crepes go, I was hooked! I think it’s the herb-infused crepe that does it for me. I could eat just that and be completely satisfied!

So anyway, fast forward to last Sunday when one of my friends from NYC was visiting for the weekend and I needed to impress her with Boston’s food. Not easy to do with someone hot off the bus from NYC. We ended up walking to Coolidge Corner, where I got my second savory crepe ever and NOT the french toast crepe! Yay me!


So let’s talk about this crepe. It was a rosemary infused crepe with chicken, brie, mushrooms, and onions. Yum! I don’t think I’d ever had brie cheese before Paris Crepes came into my life either and that stuff is good! And they are quite generous with it in their crepes!


And that rosemary infused crepe, let me tell you. So good!

Perfect for brunch. (But if you’re in the mood for something sweet…FRENCH TOAST WITH BANANAS!) You won’t be disappointed.

Oh and one last thing.


Nutella. Smoothie.

Just do it.


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