We Just Can’t Win

Literally or figuratively.

The higher my hopes get for the Red Sox, the harder and faster they fall. No matter how much Gonzalez, Jacoby and Crawford put into the offense, it’s never enough. All hopes of rallying back to grab a wildcard spot in October are shattered anytime anyone mentions the word bullpen.

I didn’t think I could hate anyone on that team more than I hate Beckett, but I guess Lester is doing his best to prove me wrong.

Bobby V needs to realize that with those two on the mound, there is not a chance in hell of winning! I don’t care how many millions of dollars we are putting into their pockets, it is long past time for them to sit on the bench and give us a fighting chance at turning this season around. They have each used up all the second chances that I am willing to give them.

We have the most runs of every team in the entire league! We are losing games that we score 7…5…9 RUNS in! Because without fail, our pitching always collapses.

It’s not fair to our hitters who are bringing 7 guys across home plate. It’s not fair to guys like David Ortiz who are sitting on the Disabled List hoping that the season isn’t over in all aspects that matter before he gets back. And it’s not fair to the fans.

Something needs to be done. Beckett and Lester need to stop getting 20th chances. We need pitchers in the worst way. It’s our only chance at making it to October. The dismal end is again in sight. It’s about time we boo’ed Lester and Beckett off the field permanently.


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