Jason Varitek at Georgetown Cupcakes


So as many of you may know, Jason Varitek was at Georgetown Cupcakes on Newbury yesterday selling cupcakes for his charity Pitching in for Kids. It was part of a big Boston vs. New York challenge that’s going to be featured on an episode of the show (DC Cupcakes). Bernie Williams has been at the NYC store and whoever sells the most for charity wins. Go Boston!

So like the crazy person I am…I hopped on the T immediately after my 7am orientation session this morning and waiting in (a surprisingly short) line from 9:30am until the store opened at 10.

Jason came out a few times to film a few takes for the show and then we were shuffled inside to order our Green Monstah cupcakes, served up by Jason himself.

While we were waiting in line, Jason’s wicked cool wife Catherine was working the crowd and chatting everybody up. She had some signed 100th Fenway baseballs, but not very many so unfortunately I didn’t get any. Next time I’ll know to dress up like an 8 year old kid.

Once I got in the store, Jason was working the register and greeting customers.

That’s him in the bright orange shirt.

And then when I got up to order, Sophie called him over to help with boxing. And mine was the first order he boxed up!

And then she called my order number and Tek himself handed me my box of cupcakes! I totally fan-girled it with a huge geeky smile on my face as I said “Thanks Jason!” So cool! Maybe they’ll use that on the show! However, I was still wearing my band polo from orientation so I probably wasn’t very television-friendly. I suppose we’ll see.

I, of course, bought a Green Monstah cupcake for charity and then got the secret free cupcake of the day, which was Vanilla Sunshine.

And let me tell you…that Green Monstah cupcake was GREEN!

Look at that thing!

I’m not really sure what flavor it was. Red velvet perhaps? Or maybe that’s what Wally tastes like in cupcake form.

Anyway, I really wasn’t a huge fan of the cake part, but if it was red velvet that would explain it because it’s really not a favorite of mine. I also don’t really see why people are so obsessed with Georgetown. I just don’t find them THAT good.

The frosting on the other hand was absolutely amazing! Again, I couldn’t tell you what it was, but it was incredible! So it balanced out into a really good cupcake. And yay charity! And I managed to fit it into my budget of $28 to spend this week. Oh, college life! (I also managed to justify 2 trips to Zinga. Man, I love my priorities!)

So overall a very cool morning! And I managed to make it back to work at 10:45am right on time! Did I mention I despise Thursdays?

Happy Friday everyone! Have a fantabulous weekend!

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