Museum of Science

We made it over the hump! Only two more days until the weekend!

Last weekend I was finally able to check something off my Bucket List. I went to the Museum of Science!

(Much to my mother’s dismay because she’s been really wanting to go forever too, but I finally went without her. In my defense, she went to see Wicked without me a couple of years ago! I’ll never forget.)

Anywho. I wasn’t absolutely blown away by it as I thought I would be, but maybe I just hyped it up in my head too much. There’s a museum in Syracuse, NY called the MOST (Museum of Science and Technology) that I used to go to as a kid and I remember that one being even cooler! Although my age at the time of each visit could be a reason for this.

My favorite parts of the museum were the Mathematica section, the nanotechnology section, the Lightning! show and of course the Planetarium. The math room blew me away! I stopped at every single thing along the wall and my mind was blown with each one. Perfect for math nerds like me!

The nanotechnology stuff was also fascinating. It’s so cool to see what we could potentially do with that kind of technology.

Unfortunately I only got to stay for about half of the free Lightning! show before I had to leave for my Planetarium show, but what I saw of it was really cool! Real lightning spurts out in random patters out of the orbs that were right next to where I was standing.

And speaking of the free shows, we also went to see the Science Magic! show because we thought that would be really cool. It wasn’t. If you go with your kids, then definitely take them to see this! But for anyone older than 16 (especially if you’ve taken physics) it will be pretty boring and probably all things you’ve seen before. But like I said, the kids seemed to love it!

Oh and I almost forgot about one of the coolest things ever!

Right?? I was in heaven! The actual exhibit isn’t opening until 2014 so they just had examples of potential exhibits that they wanted to get feedback on. It was way cool! It was all about how 3-D technology works and it had a lot of pictures of the original drawn concepts for Pixar movies, the next step in the animation process, and then the final product. It was fascinating to me! They also had computer programs where you could sit down and try your hand at creating the different shapes and make them move and such (I realized I have no future as a Pixar animator). There was also a giant wall that was constantly drawing Pixar images. Unfortunately, because it’s a developing concept we weren’t allowed to take pictures in there, but take my word for it. You will want to come check this out in 2014!

Some other snapshots from the day:

It’s Sarah!


Land Before Time..



Some creepy little monkeys. (Also in this exhibit I found out that I am taller than 90% of female Americans. I was pretty surprised because I’m only 5’8″ but I don’t think the Museum of Science would lie to me! Now I guess I can’t blame apparel companies for not making jeans long enough for us tall freaks that make up a mere 5%).

Our last stop (before the gift shop…which is obviously the best part of any science museum! tied for first with the penny machines) was the Planetarium! We saw the show Explore the Universe: Live! (they really like exclamation points at the end of their show names). It was wicked cool of course. And the seats were mad comfy and I’m really surprised I didn’t fall asleep being reclined so much after 12 hours at the beach the day before. But anyway back to the show. We quickly left Earth and checked out a few planets in our solar system before moving on to a meaningful (but still sad) story of why Pluto was stripped of it’s planethood. It was very interesting. We then moved out to the entire Milky Way and then other galaxies and eventually to the edge of our visible universe.

I’d like to know how they have telescopes that see that far!! I don’t buy it. There’s no way. But regardless, it still fascinates me and then gets me thinking about the meaning of life and what else is out there and all that stuff and I lie in bed for hours pondering the universe.

Don’t act like I’m the only one!

I also thought it was cool how they showed what the constellations looked like from Earth and then how they looked as you pulled out of our solar system and galaxy. It’s weird to see how much closer stars are to our solar system than others in the same constellation. I’ll never look at the Big Dipper the same way ever again.

(Or probably just never again period since I’m in Boston all the time. One thing I really miss about living in the middle of nowhere! I’m going to miss the annual meteor shower in August this year. =[ Me and my mom wake up in the middle of the night and lay out in our front lawn with our binoculars every year. Astronomy is just the coolest!)

So overall a very fun and thought-provoking, mind-blowing day! Maybe it just wasn’t as cool as I thought it was going to be because I’m not a 10 year old kid anymore. I still definitely recommend going though! There are very cool parts for kiddies and adults alike. And definitely splurge on the extra $5 to add on a Planetarium show so you can ponder the meaning of life and the world beyond ours just like me!

I do need to complain about one thing though. There is not student discount!! Are you kidding me?? A SCIENCE. MUSEUM. in the college city of Boston doesn’t have a student discount?! Really, MOS, really? Not acceptable. All I’m asking for is like $2 off or something. An even $20 would be an acceptable rate for us poor, starving college students who just want to expand our knowledge about science. Sheesh!

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