What a game!

Yeah, Red Sox!

That game last night was just perfect all around!

And I’ll preface this post with a YOUUKKKKK!


I’m so glad that he got the welcome and thanks that he deserved, not that I expected anything less from Red Sox Nation. It was a very touching moment and just made me miss him even more. Come back!

Andddd I couldn’t even be mad when he scored! I was actually thrilled for him. (Especially looking at it now knowing that that would be the White Sox only run of the night). How perfect!

He also made several good plays in the field that made me shout “AW COME ON!” at the television until I realized that it was Youk who made the play and I really just couldn’t bring myself to root against him.

And who is this team that could hold their pitching together until the very end??

And actually rally in the later innings when we need some runs??

I like this team.

This is a team that could continue soaring above the .500 mark.

This is a team that could start making a solid appearance in the wildcard race.

This is a team that could start getting all of its injured players off of the DL and start really turning this season around!

I’m sensing a very different September from the one we had last year. Please oh please do not disappoint us again!

It’s games like tonight that remind me why I love Red Sox baseball. It’s been all too easy to forget lately. So let’s keep it going boys! Keep driving in runs when we need them. And holding strong in the bullpen when we need that. We’re still in this. Let’s start welcoming our boys back onto the field and turn this thing around!

And David Ortiz…PLEASE do not be injured!! Because seriously. That would just be some cruel, sick joke by the baseball Gods.

All we’d need is to beat the Rays in a series and then play like last night and then start getting all our players back off the DL only to have Big Papi take his turn on the Disabled List. Oh the life of a Red Sox fan.

**Knocks on wood**

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