A Day at the Beach

And when I say a day at the beach, I mean an entire day at the beach!! Like nearly 12 hours. I’ve never slept so good in my entire life.

We left for Revere at 10 in the morning and didn’t get back until about 10:30pm.

The sand castle festival was this weekend  so there were lots of activities and fun stuff going on! The entire street was blocked off for food vendors and ice cream sellers and free flavored-water sample giving awayers and CHOCOLATE-COVERED FROZEN BANANAS! For only $3!! Made my day.

The sand castles were all pretty amazing! Next year I need to go a couple of days earlier so I can see how they actually make them. It’s ridiculous!

My favorite was the Red Sox one of course, but I’m a little biased. The fish skeleton was another favorite because I have no idea how he carved the inside fish with such detail! How does one realize that they have a talent for elaborate sand sculpting?

So after checking out the “castles” we spent the rest of the morning sleeping and reading on the beach and enjoying the only couple of hours we would have without the sun beating down on us. It was still pretty hot out when it was cloudy, but not nearly as bad as later in the day when the clouds disappeared and the sun bore down on us mercilessly.

And it’s amazing how much the sun makes you exhausted and hungry. Just laying in it. Laying in the sun and sweating is a very good workout! So we headed to the makeshift boardwalk for some unhealthy food. We settled on chicken kabobs, arepas, this rice stuff and fried plantains. It was all really good! And exactly what you want to be eating in a bikini. Not.

The rest of the afternoon was spent wading into the FREEZING water. Finally manning up and diving in. Playing frisbee in the ocean. Playing football on the beach for HOURS (my entire upper body is still feeling it today) and getting told that I have a really good arm (for a girl -__-) and can make some “awesome catches.” Why thank you, thank you very much. I always knew I was supposed to be born a guy. And then my ego was shot down when this brother and sister probably a few years younger than us came and asked to play with us. This girl. She had to weigh no more than 100 pounds. And I’m pretty sure she could throw that football farther than Eli Manning. I couldn’t believe it. It was a lot of fun though because then I got to practice chasing the ball down at a full sprint as it went flying hundreds of feet over my head. And I managed to not run over any small children! Always a plus.

This is what I look like after a day of getting sunburned, playing football, and swimming in the freezing ocean. Completely BEAT! And that’s my best friend from high school who looks like she just got there.

So then, after we were completely pooped and ready to go home and enjoy our leftovers from the night before, we found out there were going to be fireworks at 9. Well, I’m not the kind of person who can pass up fireworks, so we all agreed to stay.

We stopped at a local shack on the main road for some dinner. Me and my friend split a buffalo chicken salad (we needed some form of healthiness and veggies) and some jalepeño poppers. Healthiness is overrated. But the food was surprisingly really good! The salad was pretty big (plenty for two) and had a TON of veggies in it! The place was called Nick’s Place at the South end of Revere Beach.

Then we set up camp again and enjoyed the fireworks. And let me tell you, they were up there on the list of coolest fireworks I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Really. Good job Revere Beach! There were a lot of fireworks that I had never seen before. Like these ones that would explode and then the little glowing “bulb” things on the end would all of a sudden just take off in different directions. Only they’d go like really far. The ones that went downward would fly all the way into the ocean. It was wicked cool!

Then we fought through the crowds to be packed like sardines onto the Blue Line and eventually made it home where I had the most refreshing shower ever and then passed the hell out!

Weekends in Boston are the best! And I finally got to go to the beach! It’s not summer until you get your first really bad sunburn!

Have a great week everyone!

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