Frozen Hoagies Ice Cream Truck


For real.

This whole having a holiday week in the middle of the summer thing really threw me for a loop. Because when this week came around I was not prepared for 5 days in a row of work again. I think we should have Wednesdays off every week if you ask me!

But alas, Friday has come. As it always does. And this weekend is going to be a doozy. 95 DEGREES TOMORROW! What is this madness?? Luckily, I’m going to Revere Beach where I will probably spend the entire day in the freezing Atlantic to escape the oppressive heat and humidity.

Do you know what else can help you escape from the oppressive heat and Boston humidity?


Frozen Hoagies is here to save the day!

I finally had the opportunity to try them when we were waiting for fireworks on the Fourth of July We were lucky enough to be stationed right near this truck for the 6 hours we sat waiting. And on a 90 degree day in the blazing sun, this was exactly what the doctor ordered! And thank God they gave us bowls and spoons to eat the sandwiches with just in case. Which we definitely needed.

I got the mint chocolate chip ice cream (the kind that has the mini mint patties in it!!) with a chocolate chip cookie.

The mint with chocolate chip cookie combo was actually really really good. And it was the perfect size! It’s called the “slider” and I thought it was plenty! And $4 isn’t bad at all! I even had to eat half the ice cream out of the middle with a spoon before I could sandwich it up. I really really like the cookies too! It’s pretty hard to mess up a chocolate chip cookie, but they managed to make them hard enough to hold as a sandwich but they were still chewy on the inside. Perfect.

And then I found out that they’re on BU’s campus several days a week. Uh oh. So me and a friend made a little trip over there the other night after walking around Boston in the heat all day.

This time I went with the coffee heath frozen yogurt and a Heath bar cookie.

The cookie was very thin and kept breaking as you can see, but it was still good. I think I’ll stick with the chocolate chip cookies from now on though. It was a little messy to eat without a bowl and spoon but I managed to nail down a proper system of using the broken cookie pieces as spoons and then licking it like an ice cream cone and then eating it like a sandwich and then back to the “spoon” method. It’s a real science. Just make sure to grab several napkins before you walk away!

Especially if you decide to consume one this weekend, because I’m pretty sure it’s logistically impossible to eat one of these before it turns into ice cream soup when it’s 95 degrees out. But best of luck!

Everyone stay cool! Hit up the beach. Enjoy your air conditioners if you are lucky enough to have one. Eat lots of ice cream! And have a fantastic weekend!

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