TED: A Movie Review

Wow. Ted had the most laugh-out-loud moments I’ve heard in a movie in a long time!

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m really not into stupid comedies.

Napolean Dynamite? Just kill me now.

American Pie? Never interested me.

Zoolander? Negative.

Basically anything with Will Ferrell? I’ll pass.

But there are a select few that stand out and break free of just the dumb comedy and are genuinely freakin hilarious! For example, Due Date, 21 Jump Street, Zombieland and a few others that I’m now forgetting.

Ted unfortunately cannot be added to that list, even though it actually had me laughing out loud every couple of minutes.

It was funny. Hilariously funny. Painfully ohmygod-too-far funny at times. (9/11 jokes made it into the movie TWICE! Too soon?)

But at the end of the day, that’s all it really was. What keeps me from raving about this movie as I would about the ones above is simply the fact that the plot wasn’t good enough to back up all the funny.

The concept was interesting enough and I think a lot could have been done with it, but it just wasn’t used to it’s full potential. There could have been so much more than just going back to the fact that they sit on their couch doing bong hits every other scene. It just could’ve been so much more. I think Seth MacFarlane just wanted to use this movie as a way for him to get out every dirty, racist and otherwise just not okay joke that he had stored away in his twisted little head.

It didn’t seem real to me. I wasn’t even very impressed with Mark Wahlbergs performance. I love Marky Mark, but this role just seemed incredibly uninspired.

I immediately decided to go out and see it when it got a good review in the Globe, but we must’ve been watching a different movie.

Now this movie takes place in Boston, so there are a lot of places you will recognize and a lot of jokes and references that you will get that your non-Bostonian friends. (I especially loved Ted’s girlfriend screaming out “AH YOU CALLING ME A HO-WA?? FAWK YOU!”) Reminds me of that youtube video “Shit Boston Girls Say“.

Case and point: If you want a good laugh and you can handle a LOT of crude–not okay to say in public–humor, this will be a good movie for you!

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