Fab Melo? Really??

So Fab Melo’s going to be a Celtic.

Do we get a say in this? Because I would like to say no thanks and pass him on to the next sucker team.

I’m a big Syracuse Orange fan after growing up an hour and a half away and going to almost every Syracuse football home game with my grandpa’s season tickets.

My love for Syracuse football transferred over into basketball. As I’ve said before, I’m really not a huge fan of the NBA (although it is growing on me lately), but I’ve always loved college basketball. So you can imagine my disappointment when I’m chilling with my family in North Carolina for spring break this year getting ready for March Madness and I find out that Fab Melo will not be participating in the tournament because of “academic reasons.”

Are you kidding me??

I know how they treat those airheaded athletes like they are freakin God! He was probably taking Fingerpainting 101 and he still couldn’t manage to pull off a C??

I was very glad that SU ended up doing as well as they did in the tournament, just to prove that we didn’t need that jerk!

But here I am…forced to root for that brainless loser all over again.

I think the Globe article about it this morning had some great quotes:

“Obviously, Melo’s desire and work ethic will have to improve, but a year with Garnett’s expletives ringing in his eardrums should have a positive effect.”

Coach Rivers said, “We have to teach him the Celtic way, we have to teach him how to work and understanding how to play as a winner.”

Yeah. Good luck with that.

Nothing irks me more than how athletes are treated like they can do now wrong just because they were born with a little talent. What kind of message are we sending to children who have rooted for SU and looked up to Fab Melo only to be disappointed when their hero was kicked out of the biggest tournament of the year because he didn’t “do his homework”? And then show these kids that the consequence of not doing his homework is getting signed to an amazing NBA team and  making millions of dollars for the rest of his life.

It’s not right.

I know, I know. That’s how it goes. But still. I’m entitled to my opinion. And my opinion is that Fab Melo doesn’t deserve the fame and adoration he’s going to receive here in Boston.

Boston fans are passionate people. If you’re on our side then you will be treated like royalty. And I love that about us! But to think that Fab Melo will now be the source of that kind of treatment? He doesn’t deserve it.

I will root for the Celtics until the day I die, but I can tell you one thing right now: you will never ever hear me celebrating a good play by Fab Melo.


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