The South End and Bon Me at SOWA

Yesterday was a beautiful day!! It was still really hot out, but guess what? No humidity!

It’s amazing what a world of a difference it can make!

So finally I was able to enjoy the nice summer weather by spending the day walking around Boston without drowning in the humid air.

My travels took me through the South End as I decided to go check out the SOWA Open Market. I’ve never been there in the middle of summer and it was the absolute perfect day for it.

So after filling 550 boxes with knives, forks, napkins, drinks and cream cheese. And then making 550 fruit cups by hand (meaning I take the cup, put in the honeydew, put in the pineapple, put in the cantaloup, put in the grapes, put on the lid, and add it to the 550 boxes that we had already filled). Do you know how long that takes with 3 people working on boxes while one person scrambles to chop up enough fruit? 4 hours. That’s how long. But oh well…I guess a little extra mu-lah on a Sunday morning never hurt.

So anywho, after work I took a nice 2.5 mile walk down to SOWA desperately craving some food truck food after 4 hours of manual labor in front of delicious-looking food that I was not allowed to eat.

I got there about a half an hour before the market closed, so it’s possible that I just missed all the good stuff, but I have to say…I was pretty disappointed with the farmer’s market selection. I needed some apples, onions and berries and I didn’t see any of that type of stuff there. I guess I’ll just only be going to Haymarket from now on.

But luckily, there were a million food trucks there! And I finally decided on Bon Me, even though there were a lot there that I had not tried before. But when you know you like something…why not get it? Plus, I’m pretty sure everything else was all hot food and I was just not having that after my 2.5 mile walk through 85 degree heat, humidity or not.

So even though I went with Bon Me, I did try something new off the menu. (I’ve been there 3 times and have gotten the Brown Rice with Tofu and Shitake mushroom bowl every single time because it’s just sodarngood!!!) But alas, it was hot out and a refreshing noodle bowl sounded like exactly what I needed. I wanted rice noodles, but they were unfortunately out so I settled with the soba noodles, the Vietnamese vinaigrette and the tofu. AND NO CILANTRO.

That’s what it looked like before I mixed it all up. And it was very delicious! Perfectly light and refreshing on a beautiful Sunday summer afternoon. I love how fresh the ingredients are and it doesn’t leave you feeling full and gross afterwords.

So then after a disappointing run through the farmer’s market I decided it was time to head back before my weak willpower got the best of me and I ended up in line for the Fro Yo truck.

And one thing I learned from my walk…I love the South End! It is beautiful!

And it was a very pleasant walk. I passed a lot of great little shops and food places. I love experiencing new parts of Boston that I haven’t seen before.

All the kids were out at the reflecting pool and water fountain right behind the Pru. And I managed to catch a nice little mist as I walked by. One kid even had this motorized boat that he was driving through the pool. It was so adorable!

That’s what I love about Boston. I’ve been walking around for 2 years here and there’s still always new things to discover. And on top of that, it’s still just as enjoyable to keep going the same routes all the time. It’s just a beautiful and peaceful city and there is nothing better than exploring it on a nice Sunday afternoon. I guess I’ll stop being corny now.

Happy Monday!


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