Youkilis, you will be greatly missed!


My heart is broken.

Now how am I supposed to care about the Red Sox when you take away one of my top 3 favorite players?

I know that we knew this was coming, but it doesn’t make it any less painful. I’m glad that he got to play his last game right here at Fenway Park (I can say I was within a quarter of a mile of Youkilis’s last game as a Red Sock) and I’m glad that he got to end it with a nice triple in a 9-4 win against the Braves.

And I’m especially appreciative that he got a proper farewell from my fellow Bostonians. Youk definitely hasn’t been our best player this season, but no one can deny that the guy has heart! He makes sure that his teammates and himself get out on that field everyday ready to win a baseball game. His love of the game and of the Red Sox has been apparent for the past 9 years. And what a great 9 years it’s been. 2 World Series trophies. 3 All-Star game appearances. And countless chants of YOUUUKKK throughout Fenway that leaves non-Red Sox fans wondering what the hell everyone is Boo’ing!

Youkilis, you will be greatly missed and there will always be a place for you in the big beating heart that is Boston sports fans. Thank you for 9 wonderful years and best of luck in your future!

Love this picture from the Globe! Thank God we still have Pedroia!

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One response to “Youkilis, you will be greatly missed!

  1. What he did for the Sox on the field and in the clubhouse can never be replaced.

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