In case you haven’t heard, it’s really hot!

I hate the heat. Hate hate hate. Unless I’m lying on a beach in my bikini with a frozen beverage in one hand. But even then.

95 degrees is never okay.

I’m actually happy about the fact that I am stuck at my internship all day because at least it’s air-conditioned! I’m dreading the moment when 5 o’clock rolls around and I have to go home to my sweltering apartment. Tonight I will get a taste of hell. Why did I so desperately want to stay in Boston this summer when I could be doing absolutely nothing with my life, lying on the rocks at the local waterfall and looking forward to cranking the air-conditioning up in my bedroom for the night.

But no.

Instead I have to walk/T home in this God-awful heat and then just fester in it for the rest of the night. (At least I have an arsenal of frozen bananas in the freezer waiting to be consumed in mass quantities all evening!)

I even walked to the aquarium for my lunch break because I figured there would at least be a little bit of an ocean breeze.


Hot breeze.

Hot breeze!!

And tomorrow’s only going to be worse. I have to wear pants all morning to the Orientation Opening Ceremonies. And then work in front of the hot burger grill all day. And then go play in band (bouncing around and being all peppy) outside in the 95+ degree heat in our horrible, unbreathable pep band shirts.


Is it Christmas yet?

Okay, I’m done complaining.

But seriously.


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