Santarpio’s Pizza

Since I discussed Pizzeria Regina and all it’s amazingness on Sunday, I thought it was only fair to give me two cents on the other “Best Pizzeria In Boston.” Odds are if you ask a Bostonian where the best place to get pizza in Boston is, they will say either Pizzeria Regina or Santarpio’s.

Anyone who knows me (or has ever visited me in Boston) knows that I am OBSESSED with Pizzeria Regina. But I am a fair person, so I decided it was about time to try out the competition, no matter how much I felt like I was cheating on Regina.

So right before I left Boston for Spring Break, after a long night of playing at a BU hockey playoff game, me, my mother and my aunt headed over to East Boston to give Santarpio’s a shot.

And the verdict…I wasn’t very impressed.

We ordered a mushroom, onions, and peppers pizza and a plain cheese one. They make their pizzas really weird, with the sauce on top of the cheese, and I just wasn’t a huge fan. The veggie pizza was falling apart everywhere and the bottom crust was soggy under the cheese and then rock hard at the end.


The plain cheese pizza was definitely a million times better, but still not quite as good as Regina. Again, the crust was just too hard and practically broke my teeth.


(I apologize for the crappy pictures…it was dark in there and I didn’t want to use the flash and stand out as the weird tourist taking pictures of her food.)

The one thing I will give Santarpio’s is that the service there was infinitely better than that at Regina! I understand Regina is small and there’s always a line so they need to hustle you out, but that doesn’t mean the wait staff can’t be nice and conversational. I mean at least say you’re welcome when I say thank you. Or ask how we’re doing today or something. But I’ve yet to come across a good waiter or waitress in the million times I’ve been there.

At Santarpio’s though, you could tell that everybody knew everybody and almost everyone was a regular, which can sometimes mean that tourists like us (people who actually have to ask to see a menu) aren’t treated as well. But this definitely was not the case. Our waiter was named Tony and he welcomed us first-timers with open arms. He was very friendly and continually came back to our table to have long conversations. He was impressed that I played in the band for BU hockey and we talked about Mike Eruzione and the “Miracle on Ice” (he even harassed my mom about the Buffalo Bill’s “WIDE RIGHT,” making him officially my hero).

His only downfall….he was wearing a Patriots shirt. But I suppose I have to excuse that, I am in their territory after all. BUT he had a hundred pins on his apron that he said had been given to him by customers over the years. Well of course I had to ask him if he would wear a Giants pin if I brought him one and he said, “you betcha.”

So I suppose I will have to return to Santarpio’s to give the pizza another shot just so I can give Tony a Giants pin (or even better, an “18-1” pin).


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