Can the Celtics really manage to escape a Game 7?

I’m gonna say no.

As someone who lives in Boston and loves Boston sports, I have learned one thing. It always goes to Game 7.

We can’t do things the easy way.

Do I still think we’re going to pull it out and win the series? Absolutely! I’m just pretty positive we won’t be able to do it tonight. Maybe I need a little more faith, but that’s just how it goes.

I actually thought they would lose Game 5 and then win the next 2 games. I even put $10 on it. (That’s what sucks about being friends with people who are all rooting for the same team. No one was going to bet against the Celtics so we had to resort to who will win each game. But even if the Celtics win tonight and I have to give up the $10 I’ll probably be okay with it because: A. it would mean the Celtics win and it’s not like I’m going to be cheering against them and B. I already got $20 from him for the Superbowl. And I care about the Giants WAY more!)

For old times sake…

Okay sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Back to basketball.

I’m amazed (and incredibly proud) at how well the Celtics have been playing this series. Everyone counted them out before the series even began, and they have managed to shut up every Heat-loving, Lebron James bandwagon-riding, statistic-crunching basketball fan in the US.

No one expected us to get this far. No one expected us to even put up a fight against Miami. And no one expects us to beat Oklahoma City if (when) it comes to that.

But that’s just how Boston rolls, (for better or worse **coughBruinscough**) we always pull off the unexpected.


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