A Fun Night at Fenway

And ladies and gentlemen…we are all tied up in the NBA Eastern Finals. As it should be. If you look at the past 3 games, this should be the Celtics’ series hands down. But anywho, I’m not talking about basketball today.

This weekend I got the grand pleasure of going to the EMC Club at Fenway Park for a family wedding reception.

And wow. Just wow.

I have no idea how much it cost them, but it was the coolest thing ever! We had Fenway all to ourselves. They even wrote Congratulations on the scoreboard and put the World Series trophies on display for us!

We could go outside into the fancy rich-people seats and take pictures, or just have a few drinks. It was great. And the rain finally stopped by the time night fell, so it was a great place to go and cool off from all that dancing to Sweet Caroline. (BUM BUM BUM!)

Don’t mind me…just drinking my coffee in Fenway with the park all to myself.

They even provided a Red Sox piñata and the bride and groom got their own boxes of Cracker Jacks with their names written on them instead of “Cracker Jacks.” So adorable!

Cupcakes instead of cake….love it!

It was an awesome venue. If you have the means to pay for it, I would definitely recommend it! (Or you know…just marry into a rich family O=] )

Congratulations Melissa and Jeremy!


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