Tim Thomas Is Doing What?!?

I think it’s finally time that I jumped on the Tuuka Rask bandwagon. Thomas will always have a big place in my hockey heart, but it’s time to move on.

We all know what “taking a year off” means and really…who’s to blame him? He’s 39 years old, had the best performance of his life last season and got to take the Cup home to show for it. It’s probably as good a time as ever to walk away.

Am I still angry/sad/depressed? Well of course! But I’ll get over it. (And trust me..I don’t get over things very well. I’m the kind of person who started watching Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday night and then got so depressed that I had to go put on my Bruins shirt (MY TIM THOMAS BRUINS SHIRT! THAT I JUST BOUGHT! HOPING THIS WOULDN’T BE HIS LAST YEAR!) and watch 2011 Playoff highlights on Youtube.

Here’s one of my favorites that particularly pertains to this post. The famous stick save at 1:40 leaves me in awe everytime. And when he takes on finger-biting Burrows at 2:15. And let’s not forget his attack on Henrik Sedin at 2:33. Priceless.

Old man is part ninja, I swear.

So Tim Thomas, it’s been real. Thanks for helping us bring the Cup back to Boston last year. Thanks for giving your all during every game this year, despite a disappointing Playoff run. And thanks a lot for leaving right after I buy your freakin shirt!! (Okay, I’m over it now).

Now go enjoy life. Have fun with your family. Go push your ridiculously conservative views on everyone else and I’ll try my very best to ignore it so I’m not forced to pick a new favorite goalie.




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