I Can’t Even Be Mad At That – Celtics

But I can however be completely and utterly heartbroken. Let’s just say Rajon Rondo…thank you! Absolutely phenomenal performance! Thanks to him, the announcers couldn’t even confirm a win until there was less than 3 seconds left in the game. They should have been out of it at the minute mark.

I thought it was going to be a perfect night last night. I mean, the Red Sox won, the Kings won in overtime (and I actually saw the winning goal while flipping back and forth between hockey and basketball), and I thought the Celtics might just pull it off.

44 points. 3 incredible 3-pointers at the end. 53 minutes played. Rajon Rondo scored ALL of the Celtics’ points in overtime. That is ridiculous!

Now, we can blame the refs all we want, but sadly it won’t change anything. Should that have been a foul against Rondo? Absolutely. But it’s NBA basketball…these things happen. And the game should have been about 130-99 at this point anyway and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

There was a poll on ESPN this morning asking why the Celtics still lost…

Of these 4 choices, I might have to go with Rondo not getting enough help. Yes, the refs made a few mistakes, but that’s sports. I definitely do not think they ran out of gas at all!! Did you see Rondo? He played the entire game and definitely did NOT run out of gas! And are the Heat a better team? Without a doubt. But that is in no way the reason that we lost that game. The Celtics played the better basketball game, no question.

And the message was sent to Miami: this is not going to be an easy 4 game sweep. I’m excited to see what the Celtics have in store for tomorrow. With the help of nearly 20,000 of Boston’s craziest and loudest fans, it will definitely be another amazing game.

So what do you think, what’s the biggest reason the Celtics lost Game 2?


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  1. me

    I’m not a huge basketball person but I’d have to say that if everyone stepped up like Rondo has, things would have been different.

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