An Embarrassing Week for Celtics Fans

So I haven’t posted in a reallyreally long time. And I’m sorry. But I have a very valid excuse. I went home for the past 3 weeks, so I can’t post on my blog about Boston when I’m not actually in Boston. Especially since there’s nothing to say about the Bruins (sad face), I can only complain SO MUCH about the Red Sox, and quite frankly..the NBA bores me.

Alas, I am now back in the best city in the world and now I am about to completely contradict myself by dedicating an entire blog post to the Celtics.

I’m only a Celtics fan by default, I don’t actually care about the NBA. However, I do watch it during the Playoffs because that’s when it gets exciting and such. (Hello, Game 7 this weekend?? Excellent game). Fast forward to last night though…

I mean, really!?!

There is no other way to describe it but downright embarrassing. Dear God, I hope the next 3 games don’t go the same way. I understand that the Heat are better than the Sixers, but still! There were a few airballs! AIRBALLS! In the NBA? What?

And let’s talk about Ray Allen missing 2 of 3 free throws after he was fouled. One of the best free throw shooters in the NBA. Ridiculous.

Even the Red Sox managed a win last night!

Now, this isn’t to say that they Heat didn’t have a little (a LOT) of help from the refs. Seriously guys, the Celtics don’t need your help losing, they’ve got that covered all on their own.

They need to just keep the sloppy mistakes to a minimum. (No more airballs or missed free throws, please).  And keep the turnovers to a minimum. I don’t think they are completely out of it yet, but if last night was any indication of the how the rest of this series is going to go, I’m going back to not caring about the NBA.

So I’m begging you, Celtics, please! This is the last thing I’ve got to look forward to until football season! Pull it together!

There was an article on about how the Celtics believe they can win, but the fans don’t. However, at the end of the article there was a poll asking if we still believed the Celtics could win this series after watching Game 1 and here were the results so far…

I won’t tell you which one I voted for, but let’s just hope that the majority of Bostonians are right.

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  1. me

    That game was horrible to watch

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