Josh Beckett Is Dead To Me

Dear Josh Beckett, you used to be my hero. For real. You were my favorite player. I only had one Red Sox shirt with a specific player’s name on it and it was yours. Guess where that shirt is now? In a plastic bag in the garage ready to be shipped off to the kids in Africa. And I even feel guilty for giving it to them! Because I would never be caught dead in it ever again.

I just don’t understand. What happened? I could crack a million fried chicken and beer jokes, but really. It’s a difficult thing to be the most hated man among Boston sports fans. ARod would probably get less Boos than you are getting right now. You’ve even become a meme!

So tell us Josh, what’s it going to take for you to actually care again?

You’re talking about fans who watched the Patriots lose to the Giants (again) in the Superbowl, were heartbroken when the Bruins didn’t even make it past the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and are nervously watching an inconsistent Celtics team struggle through the NBA Playoffs…give us something to be happy about!

#FreeTheBagGuy should not be trending in Boston. That means people are ROOTING for the guy that showed up to Fenway Park and sat himself right behind home plate with a paper bag over his head for all the NESN cameras to pick up. Oh…and this was a nationally-televised game. Sox fans should be outraged at this guy. But instead, he received a bigger round of applause than Beckett has in his past 3 starts.

I know Beckett isn’t solely to blame. But it’s getting a little difficult to keep up with who should be blamed this week. Pick it up boys. We could stay loyal for 86 years, but this…I give it a couple more weeks before you’ve lost us for good.

Someone posted this picture on Tumblr from Spongebob. I couldn’t agree more.

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One response to “Josh Beckett Is Dead To Me

  1. Sean Breslin

    I don’t blame you. The way he has treated the franchise and its fans is truly infuriating, even to non-Red Sox fans.

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