Seriously Red Sox?

Could you please just win at home when all your (stupid) devoted fans are in the stands cheering you on? I mean, honestly. Thanks a lot, because now, what did I get my mom for her birthday? I took her to a Red Sox game where we sat through 17 freaking innings only to watch you blow it and lose! I am daughter of the year.

But I guess I should thank Middlebrooks. It’s not everyday that you get to watch someone hit a grand slam in person. But then he hit a ball along the left foul line into the left field corner of death a few innings early and half walked to first base because he thought it was going foul. Well guess what? It was fair. And he could have easily gotten at least a double, if not a triple.

But I guess it’s time to move on and stop living with ‘what if’s. It was still a fun day (even with my severely sunburned face).

We had seats pretty high up in the bleachers, but for $30 it was perfect. We could see just fine and we were in the sun, which was quite welcome when the 40 degree wind started blowing.

Bucholz warming up. Action shot!

I love Peddy! He is the only one who acts like he still gives a damn whether they win or lose. He gives one hundred percent every game. (Even if he gets thrown out at second his first time on base)

Here’s a hit!

This is what I look like after 16 innings of baseball and being severely sunburned. Fun fact: there’s a second 7 inning stretch at the 14th inning. I hope for your sake that you never figure this out in person.

You should not be seeing the sun set in your face at a 1:30 game. It just shouldn’t happen.

Even though the players seem like they’ve all but given up, it was still a fun day. You can’t not have fun at Fenway! But still…come on guys! Do your job. There is absolutely no reason that two batters should strike out when their PINCH HITTER IS PITCHING!!! Just embarrassing.

And Mr. Third Base Coach. Seriously??????


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