What A Difference A Week Can Make

One week ago today I was waking up, hoping I had dreamed (nightmared?) the events of the previous night and in fact, the Bruins HAD won in overtime and it was the Capitals who were on their way home after a short playoff run.

Alas, it hadn’t been a dream.

So it’s ironic, that exactly a week later, I found myself in a similar position. Wednesday night, overtime, the Washington Capitals, a relentless Braden Holtby. The major difference: this time I was rooting FOR the Capitals. The similarities: the team I was rooting for lost and I went to bed sad.

Oh hockey, if only you realized the power you have over my emotions.

I can’t believe it’s already been a week. Reality has finally sunken in though.

(And what’s up with the Red Sox losing now that half of New England is now watching them again? Come on, guys! I appreciate you trying to ease the pain of the Bruins loss, but you can keep it going.)

At least hockey is just so damn exciting that the Playoffs are genuinely entertaining regardless of what team you’re rooting for. Just turn on a game, pick a team to root for and go! You’ll still enjoy yourself. I mean, I don’t particularly like the Capitals and I DESPISE the Rangers, but that was still a fantastic game to watch last night.

We all need something to hold us over until October.

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