Zinga! Frozen Yogurt

I have a problem. It’s called frozen yogurt. Seriously…that stuff is delicious. And now I have discovered a place within a ten minute walk from where I’ll be living all summer that sells delicious frozen yogurt BY WEIGHT! Which means…you are given a giant cup and you can then go fill it up with as many and as much of the 12 flavors of frozen yogurt they have.

AND THEN you can go top it off with one of the 5,000 (slight exaggeration) toppings that they have, which range from everything from fresh fruit to Oreos to cereal.

And then you go set your giant masterpiece of fro yo and toppings on the scale and pay based on how much it weighs.


This place is called Zinga! (exclamation point is included in the name). And it is right in the middle of Kenmore Square. The place was very cute with bright, neon colors everywhere and a very friendly staff who made sure I knew exactly how to fill up my giant bowl with all sorts of delicousnesses.

For my first visit, I went with the blueberry tart yogurt and piled on a LOT of fresh berries, mangos, and kiwis. Delicious! The yogurt was perfect, it wasn’t too sweet but also wasn’t too tart where I felt I needed to add some Oreos or something sweet to make it edible. I was very impressed. And I’m picky about my frozen yogurt.

There are 12 flavors out every day and apparently they rotate through different flavors on a regular basis. I will definitely be returning quite frequently until I see the birthday cake flavor. And then you can bet that I will be returning every single day until it goes away again. Because let’s be honest…birthday cake flavor anything is just downright amazing and it’s practically healthy to eat birthday cake if it’s in frozen yogurt form. Right? Right.

I’m not exactly sure what the price per ounce is, but I filled my cup up to probably the size of a small at a normal fro yo place and then piled on a lot of berries and it only came to $3.67, which I thought was very reasonable.  Without the heavy berries it probably would have been very cheap.

And don’t limit yourself to just one flavor per cup either. The possibilities are endless. Go crazy!

And I just saw Pistachio on their menu too. Gah! Those tricky devils know exactly how to keep me coming back again and again until I can try every single flavor. Good thing I’ll be here all summer. Zinga…I accept your challenge!

What’s your favorite fro yo/toppings combination?


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