Wait…they won?

So a strange thing happened this morning. I was all ready to complain and cry about how awful the Red Sox have been when I decided I should probably actually go see what the score ended up being. And guess what? They actually won!

It’s probably saying something when your fans just expect a loss now and don’t even bother to actually look.

But regardless, this one win doesn’t excuse anything. We have stuck by you for years and years through all sorts of hardships and this is how you repay us? It’s embarrassing. Really. Come on guys! Some of our friends are Yankees fans, you could at least make it a little easier for us to show our faces at work or school the next day.

I mean, this is is what it has come to.

So I’m begging you. I don’t care who’s fault it is. I’m not going to pat Bobby V on the back anytime soon and say, “Hey, it’s not your fault” and I will definitely be the first one to jump into a “WE WANT TITO” chant, but I’m not blind enough to realize one of the biggest problems here. The players.

I understand our bullpen is crap. And the GM is to blame for that. So yes, maybe it’s just going to happen that the Yankees can score 15 runs on us in 3 innings. But is there a reason that we didn’t score any in those innings to keep up?

Come on Red Sox! I’ve been watching you guys for years, and it honestly seems like you’ve just all but given up. Dan Shaughnessy has finally compared you to the ’62 Mets, which honestly…might be an insult to the ’62 Mets.

Pull it together guys, you’re making it awfully hard for us to stick behind you. (And we’re talking about fans that stuck with you through 86 years without a trophy.) But at least then it was 86 years of the Red Sox desperately trying to win the World Series. Instead of….whatever this is.

So please…I’m begging you.

Don’t make me regret buying Red Sox tickets for my mom for her birthday because now I’m genuinely afraid you’re going to make it the worst birthday ever. You have 11 days to get your stuff together! Don’t make me regret supporting you.

And in the words of Cher…SNAP OUT OF IT!

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  1. stumbled on to this trying to get into the “twitter grove”, very good work!

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