Game 7, Baby!

What a game yesterday!

After days of being haunted by this quote…

…it was so nice to see the puck soar right past him and straight to the TD Garden for Game 5. And at the hands of Tyler Seguin nonetheless! I was wondering when that boy was going to show up to the Playoffs. Holtby may have robbed him of beautiful goals all series, but Tyler got the last laugh. Well, I suppose I should wait to say that until after Game 7. I don’t want to jinx anything.

I’m very superstitious. Very very very superstitious. And you know what? It paid off last night! I was convinced that it was me wearing my Bruins shirt that caused them to lose on Saturday.

Let me explain:

I was wearing my new Tim Thomas shirt while watching the Bruins game. As you all may recall, they lost.

I then had to run to a group meeting so I changed my shirt. Note: This was NOT because I was ashamed to be a Bruins fan! I will never be ashamed! It was simply because I had been wearing that shirt practically all week during every single game, jumping up and down and screaming, during this 80 degree heat we’ve been having. And I haven’t washed it. (Don’t judge me! I’m in college….I do laundry once every three weeks…it happens.) So point of the story…I wasn’t going to go out in public smelling like an unwashed Bruins fan that has had a rough, depressing week.

So I dumped my shirt in my laundry basket and opened my drawer. The first thing I saw was my Red Sox shirt. ‘Hey,’ I thought. ‘I’ll put this on seeing as they are finally winning (by 9 runs nonetheless) against the Yankees.’

Good choice, right?


While I was wearing this shirt, the Yankees scored 15 runs and beat the Red Sox 15-9. The turning point of the game? The second I put on my Red Sox shirt.

Let’s recap:

I was wearing my Bruins shirt and the Bruins lost. I then put on my Red Sox shirt when they were winning 9-0 and the lost 15-9.

Conclusion: I’m jinxed.

So…I didn’t wear anything Bruins related yesterday. I even took off my awesome Bruins nail polish (that I will be redoing if they win game 7..knock on wood!).

And guess what? They won! So clearly this was a result of my not-shirt-wearing.

(Don’t burst my bubble…I’ll think what I want.)

So…here’s to Game 7! Hopefully they can pull it off in the Garden in front of a thousand crazy Bostonians that bleed black and gold. (Speaking of, anyone have a ticket they want to give me?)

Now, I began this post with my least favorite quote, so let’s end it with my favorite..

“And the save made by Thomas!”


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